Short works

Books : reviews

James Tiptree Jr.
Star Songs of an Old Primate.


Your Haploid Heart. 1969
And So On, And So On. 1971
Her Smoke Rose Up Forever. 1974
A Momentary Taste of Being. 1975
Houston, Houston, Do You Read?. 1976
The Psychologist Who Wouldn't Do Awful Things to Rats. 1976
She Waits for All Men Born. 1976

James Tiptree Jr.
Ten Thousand Light Years from Home.


I'll Be Waiting For You When the Swimming Pool Is Empty. 1971
I'm Too Big but I Love To Play. 1970
The Peacefulness of Vivyan. 1971
Forever To a Hudson Bay Blanket. 1972
And I Awoke and Found Me Here on the Cold Hill's Side. 1971
Beam Us Home. 1969
Mother in the Sky with Diamonds. 1971
The Man Who Walked Home. 1972
The Man Doors Said Hello To. 1968
Faithful To Thee, Terra, in Our Fashion. == Parimutuel Planet. 1968
The Snows are Melted, The Snows are Gone. 1969
Help. == Pupa Knows Best. 1968
Mama Come Home. == The Mother Ship. 1968
Painwise. 1971
Birth of a Salesman. 1968

James Tiptree Jr.
Warm Worlds and Otherwise.


The Women Men Don't See. 1973
The Night-Blooming Saurian. 1970
All the Kinds of Yes. 1972
The Milk of Paradise. 1972
And I Have Come Upon This Place by Lost Ways. 1972
The Last Flight of Doctor Ain. 1974
Amberjack. 1972
Through a Lass Darkly. 1972
The Girl Who Was Plugged In. 1973
Fault. 1968
Love is the Plan, the Plan is Death. 1973
On the Last Afternoon. 1972