Stargate SG-1 : season 7 episodes

spoilers !!

7.01. Fallen
Jonas translates a tablet giving the location of the Lost City. SG-1 go there, and find an amnesiac Daniel Jackson. He translates the tablet properly -- it wasn't the right place. They come up with a plan to lure Anubis there, and destroy his secret weapon. Daniel and Jonas go on board Anubis' ship to find the location of the weakness that allows Carter and O'Neill to bomb the weapon. But the other System Lord Yu does not come in to finish off Anubis, Jonas is captured, and Daniel is trapped on the ship...
7.02. Homecoming
Anubis learns of Naquadria from Jonas, and goes to his home planet to steal it. Teal'c persuades the other System Lords to come and repel Anubis. Daniel and Jonas escape from Anubis. Te team find an old crystal that might explain the secret of Naquadria. Jonas goes home.
7.03. Fragile Balance
A 15-year-old-boy turns up at SGC, insisting he is Colonel Jack O'Neill. He has all his memories, and his DNA. The team investigate and discover a link with the Asgard. Meanwhile, Dr Fraiser has found a problem, his DNA is deteriorating, and he is dying. Then more detailed investigations, of abductions and DNA, turn up the fact he is a clone, and that the real O'Neill will be returned shortly. They confront the Asgard responsible, Loki, who has been conducting illegal genetic experiments on humans. They call Thor, who says O'Neill's DNA has a marker to stop such experiments, which is why the clone hadn't matured properly, but manages to cure the clone. He goes back to high school.
7.04. Orpheus
Teal'c is badly injured during a mission, and takes a long time to recover without the help of a symbiont. He feels he is no longer fit to be a warrior. Meanwhile, Daniel has a vision of something he observed while ascended: Bratak and Teal'c son captured by Goa'uld. SG-1 set out on a rescue mission, during which Teal'c "gets his mojo back".
7.05. Revisions
SG-1 find a community living in an idyllic dome on a devastated planet. All connected to The Link, the population make the team welcome. But there are discrepancies, and gradually they work out that power is failing, the dome is shrinking, and the computer controlling the link is updating everyone's memories to be unaware of this fact.
7.06. Lifeboat
The team find a crashed spaceship full of cryogenically frozen passengers. They are all knocked out, and when they revive, they discover Daniel has the consciousnesses of several of the passengers in his head. They discover a single unfrozen crewmember, and persuade him to take the extra personalities, in exchange for relocation of all passengers to a new planet.
7.07. Enemy Mine
SGC have discovered a desperately needed rich vein of naquada. But the mining team is attacked by Unas, who claim the mine as sacred territory. Daniel must negotiate with the Unas, unhelped by the leader of the mining team, before all the humans are wiped out.
7.08. Space Race
An alien captain that SG-1 rescued from escaped convicts [ 6.18. Forsaken ] comes to SGC with an offer: plans of his people's advanced technology in exchange for help in winning a race. Carter jumps at the chance, but discovers it a bit more dangerous than she had though, especially once acts of sabotage become apparent.
7.09. Avenger 2.0
One of the scientists who rescued SG-1 before [ 6.08. The Other Guys ] comes up with a way to disable a Gate with a virus. They target one of Baal's gates. But the virus replicates, disabling all gates (except SGC's, which we know has a different control program), stranding many teams on different planets. The scientist and Carter have to come up with an anti-virus quickly, but the only way it can be delivered is to go through the originally targetted gate, into Baal's territory. When they get there, they discover Baal has altered the virus.
7.10. Birthright
SG-1 are approached by a group of Jaffa females for help. They are rescuing female children destined for sacrifice by the Goa'uld, but these will need symbiotes to live once the reach puberty. SG-1 have to convince them to use the drug tritonin instead.
7.11. Evolution (part 1)
A super-soldier, with a genetically engineered Goa'uld host, causes mayhem. SG-1 trace its origins back to Ancients technology, with the possibility of an artefact still being in Honduras. Daniel sets out to find it, and succeeds. The rest of the team set out to capture one of the super-soldiers, and interrogate it to find its home planet. Meanwhile Daniel is kidnapped by rebels, and held for ransom...
7.12. Evolution (part 2)
...O'Neill goes to rescue Daniel, who is being tortured by the rebels about the artefact. They switch it on, and it starts affecting them. Carter and Teal'c go to Anubis' hideout to learn more about the super-soldiers -- they discover a vast army of them, but manage to blow up the queen to stop any more Goa'uld being spawned for that purpose. Jack and Daniel discover the artefact can reanimate dead flesh, but manage to switch it off and escape.
7.13. Grace
Carter is aboard Prometheus , limping home after its stardrive problems [ 6.20. Memento ] . They are attacked by an unknown alien craft, and Carter is knocked out. When she recovers consciousness, she finds herself on a deserted badly damaged ship, trapped in a strange nebula. Her head injury causing hallucinations, she must puzzle a way out of the trap, and rescue the captured crew.
7.14. Fallout
Jonas Quinn returns asking for help -- the naquada is undergoing a chain reaction into naquadria, and the planet will be destroyed when the reaction hits a large deposit. One of the scientists is discovered to be a Goa'uld, working for Baal. Carter and Teal'c help drill down to a fault line, to plant a bomb.
7.15. Chimera
Daniel is having strange dreams of Sarah asking him to translate a tablet about the Lost City. SG-1 realise Sarah/Osiris is interfering with his dreams, and set up a plan to capture her. Sam gets a boyfriend, who doesn't die by the end of the episode. Sarah is freed from her Goa'uld.
7.16. Death Knell
Jonas and Sam are creating a weapon against the super-soldiers, at the new Alpha site, when it is compromised. The Tok'ra and the Jaffa each blame the other for the security breach. Meanwhile Sam, injured and unarmed, is on the run from a super-soldier tracking her down. She manages to elude it until O'Neill can find her, and kill it with the new weapon. The alliance between Tok'ra, humans, and free Jaffa breaks down, and Jacob goes off with the Tok'ra.
7.17. Heroes (part 1)
A film crew have been asked by the President to make a documentary on the Stargate project, but find it difficult to get the teams to cooperate. Meanwhile, an off-world situation is developing, an SG team is ambushed, and a team member injured...
7.18. Heroes (part 2)
The rescue of the ambushed SG team goes wrong. More people are injured, O'Neill takes a staff shot to the chest, and Dr Frasier is killed in action. SGC is devastated. The documentary crew find they have a real programme to make.
7.19. Resurrection
A rogue NID operation, run by the son of a Nazi war criminal, has cloned a human/Goa'uld hybrid, to try to access the Gou'ald genetic memory. But the creature escaped, slaughtered most of the crew, and primed a massive naquada bomb, before being recaptured. SG-1 must work out how to defuse the bomb.
7.20. Inauguration
[A "clips" episode] The new President of the US is briefed about the Stargate programme on his first day in office. Vice President Kinsey tries to use it as an opportunity to get NID control.
7.21/22. The Lost City
Another "library" is found [ 2.16. The Fifth Race ] , and SG-1 attempt to retrieve it, believing it tells the location of the Lost City. But Anubis attacks. O'Neill lets it download into him before they destroy it, denying it to Anubis. Now they only have a few days left before it takes him over. But Hammond is relieved of command, and a new civilian Director put in place. Then Bratak warns them that Anubis is on his way in a fleet, to arrive in 3 days. Kinsey proclaims this is all a bluff. But O'Neill has begun to remember things, and SG-1 go off, following his lead. Anubis attacks, and Kinsey demands to be sent to the Alpha site. The President gives Hammond command of the Prometheus. SG-1 find a planet with a million year old installation. This gives them a power source to return to Earth, and wake up an Ancient installation at the South Pole. This lights up in time to destroy Anubis' fleet. O'Neill, now completely under control of the library memories, gets put in some form of suspended animation. Daniel declares that they still haven't found the Lost City.