Stargate SG-1 : season 6 episodes


6.01. Redemption part I
Teal'c learns his wife is dying. He rushes to her side, but she is dead. His son blames him. Meanwhile the Stargate is under some strange attack by Anubis -- an energy build-up that threatens to destroy all life on Earth. Carter feels the pressure as all look to her to solve the problem.
6.02. Redemption part II
Teal'c learns of the attack, and tries to find the other end of the wormhole to stoop it. On Earth, there are desperate attempts to stop the energy buildup, and eventually O'Neill flies the gate into space, where it explodes harmlessly. Teal'c and his son destroy Anubis' weapon. The Stargate programme starts up again using the Russian gate.
6.03. Descent
A Goa'uld mothership is detected in orbit around Earth. SG-1 investigate, and discover is is Anubis' ship, the one he captured Thor in [ 5.22. Revelations ] . The ship is strangely deserted, an auto-destruct countdown frozen in mid count, strange noises coming from the intercom, and the computer room sealed off. When they investigate, the are surprised by a team of Jaffa, who put the ship on a crash course for earth, and destroy the ring transport system on their own craft. The mothership crashes in the Pacific, but with the shields up, SG-1 survive. After a safety door is overridden, saving Carter and O'Neill from drowning in a flooded corridor, they begin to realise Thor is somehow downloaded in the ship's computer, and is helping them. They decide to save Thor, but get off the ship only because of Jonas' quick thinking.
6.04. Frozen
A crew at Antarctic base, investigating the location of the Antarctic Stargate, discover a 3 million year old frozen woman, who, on thawing, comes back to life. But she seems to be carrying a virus, which strikes down the team one by one. She has amazing healing powers, but each healing weakens her. She heals them all except Colonel O'Neill, but then she dies. O'Neill is offered the choice: temporarily accept a symbiont to heal him. He accepts only when he learns that it has essential information from a covert mission that the Tok'ra need.
6.05. Nightwalkers
O'Neill is still with the Tok'ra, waiting for a new host for his symbiont. Carter is contacted by a scientist working for the remaining research lab of Adrian Conrad, the sick billionaire who had a symbiont implanted to save his life [ 5.11. Desperate Measures ] . The rest of SG-1 investigate, and discover a town full of people who act strangely by day, and very strangely by night. They also discover a syringe full of a drug at the scientists hose -- Dr Frasier reports it is some kind of antibiotic. They find that the lab had been cloning weakened Goa'uld, and the townspeople are infected, but only at night. They are building a spacecraft to escape earth. SG-1 are captured, but Carter first injects herself with the drug, which kills the symbiont, and allows her to rescue the others.
6.06. Abyss
O'Neill is captured trying to infiltrate a secret Goa'uld base. His Tok'ra flees. He is tortured for information about why he was there, but he claims his symbiont was in control, and he has no memory. Actually, he had gone back to rescue a Goa'uld slave who had helped his symbiont on a previous mission. Daniel appears to him, saying he can't help him escape, but can help him ascend. Meanwhile, the rest of SG-1 try to discover where he has disappeared to. When they find him, they can't help him, so leak the base's position to another System Lord, who attacks, allowing O'Neill to escape, with the slave.
6.07. Shadow Play
Jonas' home country's leaders contact SG-1, asking for help in a civil war. SG-1 aren't very friendly, considering what happened to Daniel Jackson [ 5.21. Meridian ] , but they are being offered valuable Naquuida. They are determined not to offer military aid in exchange, but Jonas' old professor tells them he is in contact with a Resistance ready to bring the government down and sue for peace. Unfortunately, he has Naquuida-induced schizophrenia, and has hallucinated the entire Resistance, induced by guilt at developing a terrifyingly powerful Naquuida bomb. Jonas warns the government if they set off their Naquuida bomb, it will only attract the Goa'uld. SG-1 return home with some Naquuida the Professor stole, and send no help.
6.08. The Other Guys
Two nerdy scientists see SG-1 being captured by Jaffa, and determine to rescue them. But when they make contact, they are told SG-1 let themselves be captured, to meet a Tok'ra masquerading as a high ranking Goa'uld. But when that Tok'ra is discovered as a spy and killed, and SG-1 are to be delivered to a system lord, then the scientists have to rescue SG-1 for real.
6.09. Allegiance
A band of Tok'ra are forced to flee to the secret Alpha site, where the Jaffa resistance is in training. Soon, sabotage and murder threatens the uneasy peace between the two factions. But they discover the culprit is a cloaked Goa'uld assassin.
6.10. Cure
A newly contacted planet has a cure for all ills -- but then SG-1 discover the source: Goa'uld symbionts bred from a captive queen. Then they discover the ageing queen is actually the progenitor of the Tok'ra.
6.11. Prometheus
A journalist close to the truth is shown around the X303 experimental hyperdrive ship by Carter and Jonas. But her camera crew are rogue NID, and hijack the ship, demanding Colonel Frank Simmons and the Goa'uld Adrian Conrad [ 5.11. Desperate Measures ] , or they will blow up the hyperdrive, destroying an entire state. Once the two have been delivered, they and Simmons steal the ship. Carter slows them down by disengaging the sub-light drive, but the Goa'uld is there to engage the hyperdrive. O'Neill and Teal'c take a fighter, and board the X303, just as it goes into hyperdrive. The Goa'uld escapes, and takes over Colonel Simmons, but O'Neill spaces it. Now SG-1 are lost, 1200 light years from home, when a restored Thor [ 6.03. Descent ] arrives, asking for help from the replicators [ 4.01. Small Victories ] that have taken over the Asgard home world ...
6.12. Unnatural Selection
The Asgard had set a trap for the replicators -- a bubble where time slows down by 10000. But the replicators have changed it, so that time is sped up by a factor of 100 for them. In this time they have evolved a humanoid form. They capture SG-1, and start invading their memories. But one of the humanoids, Five, has a flaw, and agrees an escape plan with Carter. The timer is reset, and SG-1 escape, but Carter is forced to betray Five, and leave him behind.
6.13. Sight Unseen
An artefact brought back through the gate by SG-1 "infects" people with the ability to see weird creatures from a parallel dimension. Carter must reprogram the device, and O'Neill track down a paranoid ex-soldier, before mass hysteria spreads.
6.14. Smoke and Mirrors
Senator Kinsey is shot, and a security video implicates O'Neill, who is arrested. But the rest of SG-1 investigates, and discovers a rogue NID conspiracy to silence Kinsey, who was being blackmailed into exposing them. They have stole the alien holo-morphing devices [ 3.14. Foothold ] , which lets them put the blame on O'Neill. Carter steals back one of the devices, and gets the NID team to incriminate themselves. When Kinsey recovers, he takes credit for the whole situation.
6.15. Paradise Lost
Colonel Maibourne tricks SG-1 into taking him to a planet which he says has a weapons cache. In reality, he wants to flee to a utopia there. He grabs Carter's gun and makes his escape, pursued by O'Neill. Carter feels responsible. The utopia turns out to have been poisoned, and Maibourne goes mad and nearly kills O'Neill. Carter finds them in the end, and O'Neill lets a cured Maibourne go off with the Tok'ra.
6.16. Metamorphosis
The Russian SG team bring back a native who says Neerti is killing all his people in her experiments, and then dies by massive cellular disruption. SG-1 and the Russian team go to help, but are captured by the experimentees, who believe Neerti to be their god, and have powerful psychic talents. Neerti puts the Russian commander, Carter, and Jonas through her machine. The Russian gets sick and then dies, Carter starts to get sick, but Jonas is sufficiently different to be unaffected. O'Neill convinces the telepath to look into Neerti's mind, and he realises they are being fooled. The natives kill Neerti, then cure Carter.
6.17. Disclosure
A "clips" episode. Stargate command reveals its existence to China, UK, and France, who are rather taken aback. Senator Kinsey tries to use the incident to take control, but Hammond has friends in high places too: Thor convinces the Ambassadors to leave the gate management as it is.
6.18. Forsaken
SG-1 discover a crashed spacecraft, and offer to help the human survivors repair it. Then they come under attack from aliens. Then it transpires the aliens are the original crew, and the humans dangerous escaped prisoners.
6.19. The Changeling
Teal'c is hallucinating. When he is in SGC, he dreams he is a human fireman, donating a kidney to save his stepfather's life. When he is in the dream, it seems real, and SGC seems the dream. Finally, Daniel Jackson comes to him -- maybe both lives are dreams. Actually, he has been caught in an ambush, and has saved Bratak's life by sharing his symbiote. They are rescued, and the Tok'ra save Teal'c's life with a variant of the Goa'uld derived-drug [ 6.10. Cure ] . So now Teal'c has no symbiont, but is instead dependent on the drug.
6.20. Memento
SG-1 accompany the X-303 Prometheus on her maiden flight. Things go wrong, and they end up stranded, but near a planet that might have a Stargate. The planetary leaders have suppressed their history, including knowledge or the gate, and some are reluctant to dig up the past. [A rather lazy episode -- it's much too easy to find the gate, the professor who helps them doesn't seem to mind his secret religion being destroyed, and the leader's final impassioned speech to the troops is a bit dull, really.]
6.21. Prophecy
Jonas falls sick, and appears to have a brain tumor, along with visions of the future, possibly caused by Neerti's DNA machine [ 6.16. Metamorphosis ] . He sees Carter badly injured by a staff weapon, so stops her going on the next mission, but then she is injured in a weapons room accident. Jonas gets sicker, and Dr Frazier wants to rush him into surgery, but he has a vision of O'Neill and Teal'c being caught in a trap. Can the future be altered?
6.22. Full Circle
Anubis has discovered the powerful Eye of Ra is on Abidos. If he gets possession of it, he will be able to fashion a very powerful weapon. Daniel Jackson appears to O'Neill, and tells him he must find it first. He explains he can't help directly, because the Others aren't too fond of the newly Ascended. SG-1 find the Eye, but get trapped by Anubis. Daniel bargains for Abidos' survival, discovering that the Others are ascended Ancients, and that Anubis has managed a partial ascension. Anubis gets the Eye, uses it to defeat the other System Lords, and destroys Abidos anyway. Something removes Daniel before he can intervene. SG-1 also found a tablet describing the City of the Ancients, which should give them technology to defeat Anubis. [But no end of season cliffhanger.]