Stargate SG-1 : season 3 episodes


3.01. Into the Fire
... O'Neill is implanted with a Goa'uld, but a Tok'Ra agent saves him. General Hammond and Teal'c put together a rescue mission, but a powerful shield stops the team getting back. Carter has to destroy the shield to allow reinforcements to arrive.
3.02. Seth
Carter's Tok'Ra father arrives, to say that the System Lord Seth has been hiding out on Earth for millennia. Jackson tracks him down -- he's the head of a well-armed cult near Seattle. The team need to destroy him without succumbing to his mind altering virus. Sam discovers she can wield the power glove.
3.03. Fair Game
Carter is promoted to Major. The Goa'uld System Lords are angered at the killing of Hathor, and plan to attack Earth in revenge. Thor arranges to negotiate a treaty -- the Asgardians will take Earth under their protection, the System Lords will not attack, but Earth has to give up the Stargate -- both of them. The Asgardians are bluffing -- they do not have the resources to beat the System Lords. Then one of the System Lords is attacked, apparently by Teal'c, and it looks as if the invasion is on, with Thor powerless to help...
3.04. Legacy
In a locked room full of dead Goa'uld, Daniel thinks he hears something. The hallucinations grow, and he is diagnosed schizophrenic. Then Teal'c restrains him, and Daniel says he sees something pass from him into Teal'c. Jackson recovers, while Teal'c grows sick, infected with a Goa'uld-killing parasite that sends ordinary humans mad. Carter, O'Neill and the Doctor, investigating Daniel's claim, all get infected with multiple parasites. But Carter doesn't get sick.
3.05. Learning Curve
An exchange program is set up with the advanced civilisation discovered on Orban. 11-year-old Merrin comes to Earth to teach Major Carter about their advanced reactor, whilst Teal'c teaches a child on Orban about the Goa'uld. But then SG-1 discover what will happen to the children and their knowledge.
3.06. Point of View
Dr Samantha Carter and Major Kawalsky seek refuge from a parallel reality where the Goa'uld have just taken over Earth (and where parallel-Carter was married to the now dead parallel-O'Neill). But Carter suffers temporal distortion, and must return. O'Neill helps them make contact with the Asgard in their universe.
3.07. Deadman's Switch
SG-1 are captured by a bounty hunter, from a race enslaved by the Goa'uld, yet resistant to being made hosts. He offers them freedom in exchange for their help in capturing a Goa'uld. But then they discover his quarry is a Tok'Ra.
3.08. Demons
SG-1 discover a medieval village. The inhabitants are convinced they are demons, and put Teal'c through trial by ordeal. The team have to escape being sacrificed to a Goa'uld demon, and protect the villagers from reprisals.
3.09. Rules of Engagement
SG-1 help what they think is the missing SG-11, pinned down by enemy fire. But they are shot down, with stun guns. The team is actually "SG-X", servants of Apophis, training to attack Earth. The arrival of SG-1 convinces them that the final battle is at hand, where they will fight each other with live weapons, with the winners taken into Apophis' service.
3.10. Forever in a Day
The Goa'uld in Daniel's wife tries to kill him, and Teal'c is forced to kill her. Daniel learns his wife and Apophis have a child, who could be of great danger to the Goa'uld. He has some issues to work through.
3.11. Past and Present
SG-1 find a planet where everyone is suffering amnesia. It seems to have been caused by an old enemy of theirs, the "Destroyer of Worlds" they met in prison [ 2.03. Prisoners ] .
3.12. Jolinar's Memories
Samantha's father has been captured by Solkar, and imprisoned on the moon of Hell, with important information about Solkar's plans to attack the System Lords. No-one has ever escaped from Hell, except Jolinar. SG-1 set out on a rescue mission, with Sam trying to access Jolinar's painful memories. But then they are all captured by an old enemy...
3.13. The Devil You Know
Apophis tries to extract information from all the team by torturing them with the memory device. But they all withstand it, and Apophis has to go to Solkar with nothing. The Tok'Ra fire a missile into Hell, to blow up Solkar, and the team mange to escape ... as does Apophis.
3.14. Foothold
SG-1 return to base, only to be sedated and captured by a group of invading aliens who can mimic captured humans perfectly. Teal'c and Carter escape, and have to convince the world outside that there is a Foothold Situation.
3.15. Pretense
SG-1 go to the new planet of the Tollan [ 1.17. Enigma ] to defend Skara in a case to determine whether he, or his parasitic Goa'uld, should have control over his body. The Nox [ 1.08. The Nox ] send a neutral representative. The Goa'uld send a representative, too, but it is a ploy to disarm the natives' powerful defence grid, and destroy their planet.
3.16. Urgo
The team visit a seemingly idyllic planet, but return with no memories of their trip, and a small device in their heads that talks to them as "Urgo". They are desperate to remove it, but Urgo assures them that will mean certain death...
3.17. A Hundred Days
The team realise the "sky fire" is a deadly meteor shower, and start to evacuate the natives. But O'Neill is trapped with some of the population when a meteor hits the stargate. He begins to resign himself to a permanent life there.
3.18. Shades of Grey
The team try to set up diplomatic relations with the Tollan, but O'Neill, frustrated by their refusal to give technological help, steals a weapon. In disgrace, rather than face court martial, he is forced to retire from the military. Then he gets made a surprising offer....
3.19. New Ground
The team arrive on a planet in the middle of a war -- and their arrival threatens the very basis of one side's cause. O'Neill, Carter and Jackson are captured and interrogated, and in danger of being killed to hide the inconvenient fact of their existence. Teal'c escapes, and is their only hope of rescue. But he has been badly injured, and blinded...
3.20. Maternal Instinct
Apophis is hunting his powerful child [ 3.10 Forever in a Day ] . SG-1 finds the planet where he is being hidden, a place legendary to the Jaffa, and race to get to him first. Apophis sends an army after them, but they discover that the baby has powerful protectors.
3.21. Crystal Skull
SG-1 find a crystal skull, which zaps Daniel, making him disappear. They go for help to Daniel's grandfather, who found an identical skull 30 years earlier, and is now in a mental institution because of his experiences with it.
3.22. Nemesis
A dying Thor beams O'Neill onto his Replicator-infested ship. O'Neill must destroy the ship before the creatures destroy the Earth -- but the transporter device can't beam out . Carter and Teal'c join him, and they concoct several plans -- but it's a race against time. Finally, they beam up the Stargate as an escape route, and burn up the ship in the atmosphere. But a Replicator survives reentry...