Short works

Books : reviews

Leon S. Sterling, Ehud Shapiro.
The Art of Prolog: advanced programming techniques.
MIT Press. 1986

(read but not reviewed)

Leon S. Sterling, ed.
The Practice of Prolog.
MIT Press. 1990

(read but not reviewed)


T. Kazic, E. Lusk, R. Olson, R. Overbeek, S. Tuecke. Prototyping Databases in Prolog. 1990
Peter B. Reintjes. PREDITOR: a Prolog-based VLSI editor. 1990
Paul J. Drongowski. Assisting Register Transfer Level Hardware Design: a Prolog application. 1990
Eran Gabber. Developing a Portable Parallelizing Pascal Compiler in Prolog. 1990
Arun Lakhotia, Leon S. Sterling. ProMiX: a Prolog Partial Evaluation System. 1990
Chris S. Mellish. Generating Natural Language Explanations from Plans. 1990
Richard O'Keefe. A Simple Learning Program. 1990
D. Stott Parker. Stream Data Analysis in Prolog. 1990

Leon S. Sterling, Kuldar Taveter.
The Art of Agent-Oriented Modeling.
MIT Press. 2009

(read but not reviewed)