Short works

Books : reviews

Adam-Troy Castro.
An Alien Darkness.
Wildside Press. 2000


The Last Robot. 1993
Neither Rain nor Sleet. 1996
Cerile and the Journeyer. 1995
Ego to Go. 1995
MS Found Paper-clipped to a Box of Jujubes. 2000
The Batman and Robin Murder Mystery -- Solved!. 1990
Woo-woo Vengeance. 2000
The Guy Who Could Make These, Like, Really Amazing Armpit Noises, and why He was Contemplating Hippopotami at the Top of Mount Everest. 2000
Fuel. 1999
Baby Girl Diamond. 1995
The Funeral March of the Marionettes. 1997

Adam-Troy Castro.
Emissaries from the Dead.
Eos. 2008

Adam-Troy Castro.
The Third Claw of God.
Eos. 2009