David Zendle

About My Research

My research deals with access to concepts in digital games.

It's long been theorised that gamers access real-world concepts during play, and this access to concepts teaches real-world behaviours. For instance, players accessing pro-social concepts whilst playing a serious game could lead to the learning of pro-social behaviours; or, more controversially, players accessing violent concepts whilst playing violent FPS games could lead to the learning of violent behaviors.

My research is concerned with determining the features of games which causes increased access to concepts - and hence potentially leads to the effects described above, whether they are positive or negative.

My related research interests include experimental methods in video game research, learning in games, and game design.

Related Work

I'm the author of the Game4Science Experiments and Analytics Toolbox (website coming soon).

This usable plugin for the Unity3D development environment enables experimenters to both rapidly build laboratory-style stimulus materials in Unity3D and collect data from large-scale Unity3D experiments run on the web.

Non-Academic Activities

If I'm not playing or building a video game, you can usually find me in the kitchen, cooking something unwise with the aid of too many gadgets. I also have a particular passion for food shopping, and will happily spend several hours immersed in any one of several ethnic supermarkets in York.

David Zendle
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