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My research spans a wide range of topics, mainly in the areas of computer vision, structural pattern recognition and quantum algorithms.

Graphs and Networks

Social NetworkMy main research interest is in algorithms and methods for handling large quantities of data in the form of graphs or networks. This area of research is both practical and highly interdisciplinary. I have applied these methods to problems in chemoinformatics, bioinformatics and finance, for example in the prediction of the properties of chemical compounds, high level classification of RNA molecules, understanding financial interactions and discovering similarities in protein interaction networks.

  • Graph features from paths, walks and spectral graph theory
  • Graph kernels
  • The statistical modelling of graph datasets
  • Graph complexity and entropy
  • Graph Matching
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Computer Vision

Telescope In the area of computer vision, I have worked on a variety of topics, including 3D shape modelling and recognition, super-resolution reconstruction of face images, the fusion of shape-from-shading and stereo, plenoptic imaging systems and visual inspection.

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Quantum Algorithms

I also carry out some research in the area of quantum algorithms, particularly those applied to graph-based problems or computer vision. I have studied the quantum walk in the context of distinguishing graphs, and quantum representations of images.

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