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Research Interests

  • IoT Security
  • Mobile Network Security
  • SDN Security


Participation in Research Projects

EC H2020 SESAME (Small Cell Coordination for Multi-Tenancy and Edge Services)

Web: http://www.sesame-h2020-5g-ppp.eu/

A large project with 18 partner institutions, both academic and industrial. The project targets innovations around three central elements in 5G: the placement of network intelligence and applications in the network edge through Network Functions Virtualisation (NFV) and Edge Cloud Computing; the substantial evolution of the Small Cell concept, already mainstream in 4G but expected to deliver its full potential in the challenging high dense 5G scenarios; and the consolidation of multi-tenancy in communications infrastructures, allowing several operators/service providers to engage in new sharing models of both access capacity and edge computing capabilities.

EC H2020 RIFE (Architecture for an Internet for Everybody)

Web: https://rife-project.eu/

A large project with 7 partner institutions, both academic and industrial (Avanti, Thales Alenia Space). The project addresses the major societal challenge of providing affordable Internet access to those who cannot afford it by solving the technological challenge to increase the efficiency of the underlying transport networks and the involved architectures and protocols. The RIFE solution will harness unused transmission capacity, combined with placing content caches and service functionality closer to the user and will use heterogeneous transmission opportunities that range from localized mesh and home networks over well-connected ISP backhauls to scarce satellite resources. 


EC FP7 PURSUIT (Pursuing a Pub/Sub Internet)

Web: https://cordis.europa.eu/project/rcn/95665_en.html

A large project with 8 partner institutions, both academic (e.g. Cambridge, Aachen) and industrial (e.g. Ericsson). This project received the Future Internet Award at the EU Future Internet Assembly, Dublin, 2013. The aim of the project is: i) to develop information-centric internetworking solutions in crucial areas like transport, caching, error control, and flow control, ii) investigate new techniques for building wireless and wireline networks and access methods applying information centrism throughout the layers, iii) evaluate the relevant quantitative and qualitative parameters of our solutions, with a focus on security and privacy, iv) develop integrative prototypes and demonstrators that show the full potential of the developed solutions.

5GIC M-ICN (Mobile Information Centric Networking)

A project funded by the 5G Innovation Centre (5GIC)/Innovation Gateway(IG), HEFCE Catalyst Fund. The projct aims at designing an information-centric networking (ICN) system for future 5th generation (5G) mobile/wireless networks. The design incorporates a) two-tier caching hierarchy: edge caching at radio access network (RAN) and caching at evolved packet core (EPC), b) cooperative schemes among base stations (BSs) for improved system performance, and c) mobility-aware proactive caching to support quality-of-experience (QoE) for delay sensitive applications during handovers.


IM-IoT (Information Management in Future Generation Networks and Internet of Things)

The project is part of the InterDigital Communications & University of Surrey/ICS research collaboration.
This project involves a team of researchers from ICS and InterDigital to conduct research on efficient content delivery and on Internet of Things (IoT) in future generation networks. The aim is to simulate (ns-3) and analyze cooperative and multi-path in-network caching schemes to achieve reduced content access delay and synchronized freshness of cached content.

Quality of Service guarantee of Internet services in wireless IEEE 802.11e links: Development of a mechanism for time-scheduling of data flows

This project has been funded by the EU and the Greek Ministry of Development (PENED programme).
The project involves two partners, one academic (University of Patras, Greece) and one industrial (ATMEL Corporation).

Quality of Service guarantee of Internet services in wireless IEEE 802.11e links: Call Admission Control & Call Blocking Calculation

This project has been funded by the Research Committee of the University of Patras, Greece (Karatheodori programme).