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MSc Projects in Cyber Security


Available Projects for 2019 can be found here.


Ongoing Projects

"Sybil attacks and countermeasures in vehicular ad hoc networks", Richard Baynes.


Completed Projects

"Forensic memory analysis through comparison with known samples", Nicholas Hancock (Sept. 2018)

"Denial-of-service attacks against edge computing nodes in the Internet of Things", Daniel Palin (Sept. 2018)

"Implementing an intrusion detection system using software-defined networking", Celyn Birkinshaw (Sept. 2018)

"Ransomware detection and mitigation using software-defined networking: The case of Petya ransomware", Elpida Rouka (Sept. 2018)

"Fingerprinting techniques in software-defined networks", Zongbo Xu (Sept. 2018)

"Using identity-based encryption to secure the Internet of Things in 5G networks", Chao Zhu (Sept. 2017)

"Ransomware detection and mitigation using software-defined networking", Maxat Akbanov (Sept. 2017)

"Secure group authentication protocols for the Internet of Things", Taizhi Zhang (Sept. 2017)

"Distributed denial of service attacks and countermeasures in named data networking", Yasin Hossain (Sept. 2017)