Futurama : season 4 episodes


4.1. Kif Gets Knocked Up a Notch
Sensitised by Amy's presence, Kif gets pregnant -- but who provided the DNA, and is Amy ready for parenthood?
4.2. Leela's Homeworld
Leela is named Orphan of the Year. Sucked into the sewers by Bender's illegal toxic waste disposal, Leela and Fry are about to be killed by angry mutants. But then two shadowy figures save them, and Leela learns about her parents.
4.3. Love and Rocket
The spaceship gets a new personality, and causes Bender to falls in love. When he later rejects her, she goes mad, in a HAL-like way, and decides to jump the whole crew into a Black Hole.
4.4. Less Than Hero
Leela and Fry become superheoes after using some medical cream. They foil the dastardly Zoo Keeper's attempt to steal the Gemerald. But then he discovers their secret identities, and kidnaps Leela's mutant parents, forcing them to steal the Gemerald for him. But the cream has run out...
4.5. A Taste of Freedom
It's Earth Freedom Day, when you can do whatever you want. So Zoidberg eats the flag, to demonstrate freedom. But that's a step too far, and a lynch mob is after him. He hides in the decapod embassy. In a show trial, he's condemned to death. So the decapods declare war on Earth, and enslave all humans. Zoidberg is distressed, and helps the humans revolt -- by burning a flag...
4.6. Bender Should Not be Allowed on TV
Bender gets a part on a TV show, and becomes such a bad influence on kids that even he protests that he should not be allowed on TV. But the show is such a ratings hit, the execs refuse to let him go.
4.7. Jurassic Bark
Fry discovers his pet dog has been fossilised, and the Professor may be able to revive him. Bender gets jealous, and throws the fossil in a pool of lava, but then relents, and dives in to get it back. At the last minute Fry discovers the dog had lived many years after he himself was frozen, so he decides not to reanimate him, since the creature had clearly had a full life without him. Then the ending gets all Greyfriars Bobby...
4.8. Crimes of the Hot
Halley's comet has run out of ice, so the Earth can no longer be cooled, and runaway global warming takes over. Farnsworth admits it's all his fault, due to the energy-hungry robots he designed. Nixon's head orders all robots to be destroyed. But Farnsworth gets them all to vent their pollutants in the same direction, pushing the Earth further from the sun, cooling it down -- and lengthening the year by a week.
4.9. Teenage Mutant Leela's Hurdles
In attempting to make Professor Farnsworth younger, everyone reverts to teenagers. Leela decides to go back home and grow up with her parents. Farnsworth's attempts to cure the rest result in them being made even younger, and continuing to get younger still. They visit the Fountain of Aging, and get swept into the vortex. Leela gives up her youth to rescue them.
4.10. The Why of Fry
Fry is feeling unimportant, but then Nibbler takes him to its own planet, where he learns that he is the only one who can save the entire universe from the attacking disembodied brains. He quantum bombs them into a parallel universe, but ends up trapped with them. There he learns that Nibbler itself caused him to be frozen in 1999. He gets to time-travel back to stop it, but a 1000-year younger Nibbler convinces him to do it. Fry leaves a message so that he won't be trapped in the new future. Meanwhile, Leela has been on a date with the Mayor's Aide, and is unimpressed with his showing off. She kisses Fry.
4.11. Where No Fan Has Gone Before
Fry discovers that Star Trek has been banned as a dangerous religion, and that the entire cast are being held prisoner by an intelligent cloud, their greatest fan.
4.12. The Sting
While collecting space honey, Fry gets stung by a giant queen bee, and dies. Leela is distraught, but then keeps dreaming that he is still alive, and having weird hallucinations, although Fry keeps telling her to wake up.
4.13. Bend Her
Bender is desperate to win an Olympic Medal -- so enters the Fembot contest. He wins, but then there's the gender test, so he gets the Professor to change him into a Fembot Coilette. She's determined to change back immediately, but then gets invited to a chat show, and wooed by Calculon. She agrees to marry him, but Leela arranges a "soap opera" ending. Bender is returned to his original form, and personality.
4.14. Obsoletely Fabulous
When a new robot model is released, Bender is made obsolete. He goes for an upgrade, but has second thoughts, runs away, joins an obsolete robot colony, gets downgraded to being made of wood, and launches an all out attack on all high tech, which puts his friends in danger, and the new robot saves them. But it's all just an upgrade dream.
4.15. Farnsworth Parabox
Professor Farnsworth constructs a box containing a parallel universe. When the crew go through, they find themselves, differently coloured, in the other universe, with its own box. The Zoidbergs steal it, but Hermes in Universe A is about to destroy it. The Professors make many new boxes, trying to find their original universe, but they are all different. The Zoidbergs jump into one, and the others have to search them all. They find the right one just in time to stop Hermes.
4.16. Three Hundred Big Boys
Zap Brannigan wins the Spider Wars, and brings home billions in silk booty. Nixon's head gives all citizens a $300 bounty. It is not all spent wisely. Bender buys burglary tools to steal a $10,000 cigar; Fry buys 100 cups of coffee; Farnsworth buys temporary youth; etc. Mayhem ensues, ending with an orange blur.
4.17. Spanish Fry
Aliens abduct Fry on a hiking trip, and steal his nose, and sell it as "human horn", an alien aphrodisiac. He tracks it down to get it back, but the aliens then discover he has a "lower horn", and decide to remove that. Eventually, he is saved from this fate by Bigfoot.
4.18. The Devil's Hands are Idle Playthings
Fry makes a deal with the Robot Devil to get new hands, so that he can play to woo Leela. The Wheel of fortune gives him the Devil's own hands, and the devil wants them back. In a cunning plan, he forces Fry, at the peak of his world premiere opera, to choose between his playing, and Leela. He chooses Leela, and they walk off into the sunset. Ahh....