Futurama : season 3 episodes


3.1. Amazon Women in the Mood
Brannigan's 2ic is in love with Amy, so persuades Zapp to ask Leela and Amy out on a double date. Brannigan's Karaoke drives all the other guests away, and he pilots the restaurant to an uncharted planet, where they are all captured by giant Amazons who worship the Femputer. Bender saves them from death when he discovers the fembot controlling the femputer.
3.2. Parasites Lost
Fry eats a truck-stop sandwich, and is infested with worms. Professor Farnsworth scans the team, making miniature VR-controlled robot copies that can be injected into Fry [with a sly reference to why they can't actually be miniaturised], to evict the worms. But the intelligent worms have been improving Fry, and Leela find the new Fry fascinating, so stops the team. Fry wants to know whether it's really him she likes, so makes a robot miniature of himself, which he injects into himself, and evicts the worms. He returns to his slobbish self, and Leela's interest wanes.
3.3. A Tale of Two Santas
The gang try to stop evil Santa, and Bender takes his place, trying to do good. But he gets arrested and tried for the other Santa's evil.
3.4. The Luck of the Fryrish
Fry remembers his lucky seven-leaf clover, and how his big brother stole it, and his life.
3.5. The Birdbot of Ice-Catraz
The crew dump dark-matter oil all over the Pluto penguin reserve. Leela goes to help clean up the penguins, but the oil makes them breed too fast. The eco-crew decide the only way to save them is to shoot them. Meanwhile, Bender accidentally reboots as a penguin, and teaches them how to fight back.
3.6. Bendless Love
Bender is discovered to be sleep-bending, and is sent away to get it out of his system. He gets scab-work in a bending factory, and finds his true-love fem-bot. But is she true to him?
3.7. The Day the Earth Stood Stupid
Alien brains make everyone on Earth dumb, except Fry. Cute Nibbler is revealed as ambassador of an advanced race. Fry fights the chief brain in the library, who drags him into Moby Dick, Huckleberry Finn, and Pride and Prejudice. But Fry saves the day by writing his own book, which has the Brain leave Earth for no good raisin.
3.8. That's Lobstertainment!
Dr Zoidberg, frustrated comedian, gets to star in a film by his famous uncle Harold Zoid, star of silent holograms, and wins him an Oscar. Fry and Leela get stuck in a tar pit on the way to the ceremony.
3.9. The Cyber House Rules
Leela revisits her Orphanarium, and remembers being teased for having only one eye. One of the other orphans, now a doctor, offers to give her a second eye. Bender, learning of the government's $100 a week child allowance, adopts 12 children, but discovers they cost $110 a week to keep.
3.10. Where the Buggalo Roam
Amy take's Lieutenant Kif home to meet her parents, the Wongs who own the entire Western Hemisphere of Mars. They aren't impressed, even after he finds all their rustled Buggalo, and rescues Amy from the kidnapping Native Martians. The Martians discover the bead they exchanged for Mars is a giant priceless diamond, and leave to buy another planet.
3.11. Insane in the Mainframe
Bender and Fry get caught up in a bank robbery, and sentenced to a robot asylum. There Fry is convinced he is a robot, and hence "cured" and released. Thinking he's a battle droid, he saves the crew when they're held hostage by the original crazed robot bank robber.
3.12. The Route of All Evil
The kids start "Awesome Express", a paper delivery service, and become so successful, they buy out Planet Express, and sack their fathers. But they run into delivery problems and need help.
3.13. Bendin' in the Wind
Bender is damaged in a freak accident with a can-opener. He joins a folk group, and becomes a hero to other broken robots. But then he is miraculously cured just before the big Bend-Aid concert.
3.14. Time Keeps on Slipping
A race of Harlem Globetrotters come to challenge Earth to a basketball match, to humiliate the humans. Farnsworth breeds a team of mutant players, accelerating their growth with chronatons. But the chronatons produce timeslips, and desperate measures are needed to reverse the process.
3.15. I Dated a Robot
Fry gets to date a Lucy Lui robot. Bender is disgusted by this cross-life-form romance. The rest of the team discover that the real Lucy Lui is being illegally copied. The copiers attack them with a horde of killer-Lui robots.
3.16. A Leela of Her Own
Leela becomes the first woman professional ball-player, and attracks a huge crowd of fans, because she is so awful.
3.17. A Pharaoh to Remember
The team deliver a block of stone to a planet who have modelled thier civilisation on ancient Egypt, and are enslaved to help build a pyramid. Bender becomes supreme, and causes his slaves to build a massive statue in his image.
3.18. Anthology of Interest, part II
What if Bender were human? He would discover living to excess. What if life we more like a video game? Fry would save the world from Invaders from space ("Go faster! Reverse direction! Drop down a level!") What if Leela found her true home? She'd become the new Wicked Witch of the North, for a second.
3.19. Roswell that Ends Well
An accident whilst watching a supernova sends ship and crew back in time -- they end up at Roswell. Whilst Zoidberg is dissected, Fry becomes his own grandfather. Bender's head gets left buried in the desert for a 1000 years.
3.20. Godfellas
Bender gets accidentally shot into space, and becomes god to a group of shrimp-people -- disasterously, and they all die in a nuclear holocaust. Then he meets god -- a talking galaxy, who explains the god-business. Fry goes to a religious sect in the Himalayas, and uses their radio telescope to search for Bender. The galaxy hears Fry's plea, and sends Bender back.
3.21. Future Stock
A frozen 1980s stockbroker takes over Planet Express, and sets up a deal to sell it to Mom's. Fry manages to stop the takeover, stopping all the stock-owning employees from becoming millionaires.
3.22. The 30% Iron Chef
When Bender hears the crew discussing his dreadful cooking, he runs away from home. He ends up in a hobo camp with an ex Master chef, who teaches him everything, and gives him a secret vial of the essence of flavour. He uses this to with the Iron Cook contest.