Futurama : season 2 episodes


2.1. I Second that Emotion -- C4, Tuesday 24 July 2001
Bender heartlessly flushes Leela's pet Nibbler down the toilet. Professor Farnsworth fits him with an empathy chip, and now he experiences everything Leela feels. He follows Nibbler, discovers the mutants living in the sewers, rescues eveyone, and then gets the chip removed.
2.2. Brannigan, Begin Again -- C4, Tuesday 24 July 2001
Space captain Zapp Brannigan accidentally destroys DOOP HQ, and is cashiered. He starts working for Planet Express, where he gets the crew to mutiny against Leela, so that he can invade the Neutral Planet. When the crew discover this means sacrificing their lives, they re-mutiny to put Leela back in charge, and she saves the day. She lets Brannigan take the credit, so that DOOP will take him back, away from Planet Express.
2.3. A Head in the Polls -- C4, Tuesday 31 July 2001
There's a titanium shortage -- and Bender, being made of titanium, cashes in on his good fortune. But while Bender slowly finds the disadvantages of being disembodied, Nixon's head has a plan to gain re-election...
2.4. Xmas Story -- C4, Tuesday 31 July 2001
Fry is feeling miserable, because it's Xmas and everyone he knows is 1000 years dead. But then he realises Leela is even more miserable -- she's the only one of her species in the known galaxy. So he goes out to buy her a present. But the others warn him about Santa Claus: an eight foot robot, terrifying the world on Xmas Eve. [Check out the wonderful hanging on to the digital clock routine.]
2.5. Why Must I Be a Crustacean in Love? -- C4, Tuesday 7 August 2001
Doctor Zoidberg starts acting strangely, and must return to his home planet for its mating season. There, due to some dating advice misunderstanding, he and Fry end up in a fight to the death. [This is obviously not at all inspired by Amok Time , or Cyrano de Bergerac ...]
2.6. The Lesser of Two Evils -- C4, Tuesday 14 August 2001
On a visit to a 2000AD theme park, Fry runs over a robot who is the twin of Bender. The newcomer, Flexo, joins the crew on an important delivery of a valuable atomic tiara to the Miss Universe competition -- but someone steals it! Fry suspects Bender's evil twin, only to discover that Bender is the evil twin.
2.7. Put Your Head on My Shoulders -- C4, Tuesday 7 August 2001
Fry and Amy go to Mercury for a drive in her new car, and romance blossoms. But after a few days, Fry is feeling pressured, and decides to break up with Amy on their second trip, to Europa [check out the out of order monolith!], and takes Zoidberg along -- but the crazy crustacean crashes the car, and Fry ends up with his body mangled, and his head grafted by Zoidberg onto Amy's shoulder. Double dating, courtesy of Bender's new agency, now takes on a whole new meaning...
2.8. Raging Bender -- C4, Tuesday 14 August 2001
After accidently defeating the reigning champion in a cinema brawl, Bender becomes an Ultimate Robot Fighter. He discovers the fights are fixed, but that's fine while the audience loves him. When his popularity wanes, he's ordered to lose the next fight. Then Leela discovers his opponent's trainer is her old martial arts teacher, who dismissed her from his class for being a girl...
2.9. A Bicyclops Built for Two -- C4, Tuesday 21 August 2001
While playing an online video game, Leela finally meets another member of her species. She feels obliged to marry him to continue the Cyclops race, despite the fact he is a slob and treats her like dirt. But Fry discovers he is not quite who he claims to be...
2.10. A Clone of My Own
Professor Farnsworth realises he has only ten years left before the age police come, and he has accomplished so little, so he builds a clone to be his heir. But the clone has ideas of his own, and a disappointed Farnsworth admits he lied about his age. He gets taken away by the age police robots to the old people's area, and had to be rescued.
2.11. How Hermes Requisitioned His Groove Back -- C4, Tuesday 21 August 2001
Hermes, bureaucrat grade 36, fails an inspection, and is sent on holiday. Zoidberg recommends a forced labour camp. The replacement bureaucrat is turned on by Fry's slobbishness. When Bender discovers them in bed, she removes and files his brain. The gang have to get it back from Central Filing. Hermes, who rediscovered his love for bureaucracy by reorganising the camp, comes to their rescue.
2.12. The Deep South -- C4, Sunday 2 September 2001
After being mistakenly awarded a mandatory fishing licence, the crew go on a fishing trip to the mid-Atlantic, but a giant bass drags them down to the ocean floor three miles below, stranding them. Zoidberg builds a shell home. Fry discovers a mermaid, and the Lost City of Atlanta.
2.13. Bender Gets Made -- C4, Tuesday 4 September 2001
The crew go to a live recording of TV chef Elzar's Donbots show, where he accidentally temporarily blinds Leela. He offers to cook them all a meal as compensation, but then sends them a bill. Bender goes to work in the kitchens to pay off the debt, where he gets recruited by the robot Mafia. His first job is to heist a cargo of cigars from his old crew, and then kill them all. But he doesn't, and instead gives up his life of organised crime, for ordinary crime.
2.14. Mother's Day
Mom, the tycoon who makes all robots, is sickened by their presents on Mother's Day, so orders them to rebel, and make her supreme dictator of earth. The only one who can stop them is the lover who left her 70 years ago: Professor Farnsworth.
2.15. The Problem with Popplers -- C4, Tuesday 11 September 2001
On an uncharted planet, the crew discover a delicious new foodstuff like fried shrimp. They sell billions of popplers though a fish food franchise. Then Leela hears one speak, and tries to stop people eating them. But people stop only when the popplers' fearsome parents arrive for revenge. They want to eat billons of people in revenge, but Zap Brannigan negotiates them down to eating just the person who first ate their young: Leela.
2.16. Anthology of Interest I -- C4, Tuesday 18 September 2001
Professor Farnsworth invents a What-If machine and turns it on remotely with his finglonger. Bender asks what-if he were 500 feet tall -- he would destroy the city, fight a 500 foot Zoidberg, and be impaled on a skyscraper. Leela asks what if she were more impulsive -- she would buy new boots and then murder all her friends. Fry asks what if he'd never fallen into the freezer -- despite intervention from Al Gore, Nichelle Nicholls, Stephen Hawking, and Gary Gygax, it would have precipitated a warp in the space-time continuum, and the whole universe would have been destroyed. Preposterous!
2.17. War is the H-Word
Fry and Bender join the Army to get a 5% discount on gum, but then war is declared, by Nixon's head. Under the command of Zapp Brannigan, they go off to fight the bouncing balls, with just a hint of M*A*S*H. Leela dons a disguise, and goes with them. Bender risks his life to save his fellows, and is sent off to sue for peace, along with Kissinger's head. But he's been fitted with a bomb, that will destroy the entire planet, when he next says his favorite word -- "ass". It's up to Leela and Fry to save him.
2.18. The Honking
Bender's robot Uncle Vlad dies, leaving him a castle. He's frightened away during the night by holographic robots, and gets run over by a were-car. Now, every midnight, he too turns into a were-car, and runs people over. The crew have to find the original were-car and destroy it to cure Bender. But Fry, hearing that Bender is cursed to kill his best friend, is upset that Bender tried to kill Leela, and not him.
2.19. The Cryonic Woman
Fry gets fired, and gets a job as a cryogenic councillor. He's surprised to defrost his ex-girlfriend from the year 2000. She's thrilled to see him, but can't adjust to life in the year 3000. She persuades Fry to go with her to the future. They wake up in a devastated post-apocalyptic wasteland -- but then discover they were only frozen for 2 days, and dumped in LA. Fry doesn't get his old job back.