Futurama : season 1 episodes

1. Space Pilot 3000 -- C4, Saturday 23 September 2000
Fry the Pizza Delivery boy is accidentally frozen for 1000 years. When he awakes, he gets a job, as a delivery boy.
2. Episode Two: The Series has Landed -- C4, Thursday 5 October 2000
Fry's first delivery is to the moon. He's disappointed to find it is now a tacky amusement park.
3. I, Roommate -- C4, Thursday 12 October 2000
Fry and Bender try to share an apartment.
4. Love's Labours Lost in Space -- C4, Thursday 19 October 2000
The crew go to Vergon 6 to save some cute animals, and Leela meets a smarmy space captain.
5. Fear of a Bot Planet -- C4, Thursday 26 October 2000
Leela and Fry are trapped on a planet run by robots who hate humans.
6. A Fishful of Dollars -- C4, Thursday 2 November 2000
Fry discovers his bank account has compounded enormously, then blows it all on the last can of anchovies.
7. My Three Suns -- C4, Thursday 9 November 2000
Fry accidentally drinks a liquid blue planetary leader.
8. A Big Piece of Garbage -- C4, Thursday 16 November 2000
A 1000 year old vast ball of rubbish is heading towards earth, and it takes a littering expert to save the planet.
9. Hell is Other Robots -- C4, Thursday 23 November 2000
Bender gets addicted to electricity.
10. A Flight to Remember -- C4, Thursday 30 November 2000
The crew go for a holiday cruise on the spaceship Titanic
11. Mars University -- C4, Thursday 7 December 2000
Fry enrols at Mars University, so he can drop out properly, and finds his roommate is a monkey.
12. When Aliens Attack -- C4, Thursday 14 December 2000
Aliens threaten to destroy Earth, unless they can watch TV series Single Female Lawyer conclude. The last episode was interrupted 1000 years ago -- and Fry has to use his knowledge of TV to save the Earth
13. Fry and the Slurm Factory -- C4, Thursday 21 December 2000
Fry wins a trip to the Willy Wonka -esque Slurm factory, and discovers Slurm's secret ingredient.