Susan Stepney's mini CV

Work and play are words used to describe the same thing under differing conditions

Mark Twain


[University of York Logo] York

I am Professor of Computer Science at the University of York, Department of Computer Science.

My main research interest is in non-standard computation


[Logica Logo] Logica UK Ltd

I spent nearly 13 years as a consultant with Logica in Cambridge, specialising in Z specification and proof, and other mathematical modelling, of IT systems.

I applied these techniques to the DeCCo high integrity compiler, and to E6 Smart Card Applications. I also supported Logica's Formaliser formal language tool, which allowed me to do some fun Smalltalk programming.

I was previously involved in a various collaborative DTI and IED research projects: PROST Objects, ZIP, and ORCA.


[York Logo] York

During the last 5 years of my time at Logica, I was also an Honorary Visiting Professor at the University of York, Department of Computer Science.


[Marconi Logo] GEC-Marconi Research Centre

I spent 5 years as a Research Scientist at GEC-Marconi in Chelmsford. During that time I worked on ParSiFal ('Parallel Simulation Facility'), a collaborative Alvey project involving Transputers and occam.

I also did my first Z work then, on the collaborative Alvey Admiral project. This involved specifying an access control system in Z, then animating it (which included writing a VT100-graphics user-interface, in Prolog!).


[Newnham Arms] IoA, Cambridge

I was a SERC Post-doctoral Research Fellow, and Newnham College Research Fellow, at the University of Cambridge, Institute of Astronomy. [I provide the obligatory links to these places, although they had no Web sites way back then.]

I continued my doctoral research into relativistic astrophysical plasmas, which involved solving analytical equations the hard way, with pencil and paper, and also writing a numerical radiative transfer simulation, using, at various times, depending on the level of detail, a Cray supercomputer, an IBM 370 mainframe, and a BBC microcomputer.


[Newnham Arms] Education

1980-1983 : University of Cambridge, Institute of Astronomy. Ph.D — "Relativistic thermal plasmas" (1982 Rayleigh Prize)

1979-1980 : University of Cambridge, Department of Applied Mathematics and Theoretical Physics. Postgraduate Certificate of Advanced Study in Mathematics (Part III of the Mathematics Tripos) — distinction (Tyson Medal)

1976-1979 : University of Cambridge, Newnham College. Natural Sciences Tripos (Theoretical Physics) — first class honours