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Raymond Z. Gallun.
The Best of Raymond Z. Gallun.
Del Rey. 1978

The dramatic vigor and narrative exuberance of the Golden Age of science fiction make these stories a delight for readers who can relish high adventure, dazzling leaps of the imagination, and vivid portrayals of humans and aliens confronting a universe stranger than either can imagine.


Old Faithful. 1934
Derelict. 1935
Davey Jones' Ambassador. 1935
Godson of Almarlu. 1936
A Menace in Miniature. 1937
Seeds of the Dusk. 1938
Hotel Cosmos. 1938
Magician of Dream Valley. 1938
The Shadow of the Veil. 1939
The Lotus-Engine. 1940
Prodigal's Aura. 1951
The Restless Tide. 1951
Return of a Legend. 1952