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Mira Grant.
Into the Drowning Deep.
Orbit. 2017

Seven years ago, the Atargatis set off on a voyage to the Mariana Trench to film a mockumentary bringing to life ancient sea creatures of legend.

It was lost at sea with all hands. Some have called it a tragedy; others have called it a hoax.

Now a new crew has been assembled to investigate. And they’ll discover that whatever is down there is definitely no joke…

Mira Grant.
Rise: the complete Newsflesh collection.
Orbit. 2016

In this chilling collection of Newsflesh short stories and novellas, New York Times’ bestselling author Mira Grant creates a suspenseful, insightful, and sly vision of an America ravaged by a virus and gripped by fear.


Countdown. 2011
Everglades. 2015
San Diego 2014: The Last Stand of the California Browncoats. 2012
How Green This Land, How Blue This Sea. 2013
The Day the Dead Came to Show and Tell. 2014
Please Do Not Taunt the Octopus. 2015
All the Pretty Little Horses. 2016
Coming to You Live. 2016

Mira Grant.
Orbit. 2010

Mira Grant.
Orbit. 2011

Mira Grant.
Orbit. 2012

Mira Grant.
Orbit. 2016

A presidential race like no other. An America overcome with fear. There are two sides to every story…

Feedback reveals for the first time what happened during the presidential race of 2040 from the perspective of reporters covering the Democrats’ campaign.

Mira Grant.
Orbit. 2013

A decade in the future, humanity thrives in the absence of disease. We owe our good health to a humble parasite. The Intestinal Bodyguard™ protects us from illness, boosts our immune system – even secretes designer drugs. Now, almost everyone has a SymboGen parasite living within them.

But these creatures are getting restless. They want their own lives – and will do anything to get them.

Mira Grant.
Orbit. 2014

The SymboGen parasites were created to relieve humanity of disease and sickness. But the implants in the majority of the world’s population began attacking their hosts, turning them into a ravenous horde.

Panic spreads as these predators begin to take over the streets. In the chaos, Sal and her companions must discover how the parasites are taking over their hosts – and how they can be stopped.

Mira Grant.
Orbit. 2015

The outbreak has spread, tearing apart the foundations of society, as implanted parasites have turned their human hosts into a seemingly mindless mob.

Sal and her family are trapped between bad and worse, and must find a way to compromise between the two sides of their nature before the battle becomes large enough to destroy humanity…