Short works

Books : reviews

Athena Andreadis, Kay Holt, eds.
The Other Half of the Sky.
Candlemark and Gleam. 2013


Melissa Scott. Finders. 2012
Alexander Jablokov. Bad Day on Boscobel. 2012
Nisi Shawl. In Colors Everywhere. 2012
Sue Lange. Mission of Greed. 2012
Vandana Singh. Sailing the Antarsa. 2012
Joan Slonczewski. Landfall. 2012
[from The Blood Star Frontier]
Terry Boren. This Alakie and the Death of Dima. 2012
Aliette de Bodard. The Waiting Stars. 2012
Ken Liu. The Shape of Thought. 2012
Alex Dally MacFarlane. Under Falna's Mask. 2012
Martha Wells. Mimesis. 2012
Kelly Jennings. Velocity's Ghost. 2012
C. W. Johnson. Exit, Interrupted. 2012
Cat Rambo. Dagger and Mask. 2012
Christine Lucas. Oroboros. 2012
Jack McDevitt. Cathedral. 2012
Athena Andreadis. Dreaming the Dark. 2012