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2021-04-19: I was appointed to the Computer Science Departmental Research Committee. See:  Terms of Reference and Membership Information
2021-04-12: I joined a growing number of distinguished adacemics in supporting diversity and inclusion and signed the Statement on the Selection of Jeffrey Ullman for a Turing Award. See:  Statement
2021-04-09: Our MSc Cyber Security programme is recertified by NCSC. See:  NCSC Announcement,  Department News Story,  Programme Details
2021-03-22: Our work on the landscape of cookie notices in Greece and the UK has been accepted to IFIP SEC 2021. See:  ePrint,  Code,  Conference Webpage
2021-03-07: Our work on the formal modelling and security analysis of Bitcoin's Payment Protocol has been accepted to Computers & Security. See:  ePrint
2021-01-08: I am serving in the program commitee of ACM CCS 2021. See:  Conference Webpage
2020-12-01: I am starting as the programme lead of MSc Cyber Security at York. See:  Programme Details


2020-11-18: Around 40 UK cyber security and privacy experts, including me, signed an open letter on UK charity sector’s use of tracking technologies. See:  Open Letter
2020-10-20: I will give a seminar on November 3rd at Heriot-Watt on our recent work on password manager security. See:  ePrint,  Abstract & Media Coverage
2020-10-10: Our position paper on categorising IoT device fingerprinting mechanisms is accepted to the AIChallengeIoT 2020 workshop. See:  ePrint,  AIChallengeIoT 2020 workshop webpage
2020-09-28: I am starting my service as the external examiner for the University of Huddersfield's Cyber Security & Digital Forensics MSc programme. See:  Programme details
2020-08-17: I will give a seminar on August 20 at the Surrey Centre for Cyber Security on our recent work on password manager security. See:  Event Details,  ePrint,  Abstract & Media Coverage
2020-06-18: I am proud (and nicely surprised) to have been nominated by my students for our departmental Teaching & Learning Awards in three categories. Thank you! See:  Dept News Article
2020-05-26: Our paper on the trial of our verifiable e-voting system alongside local elections in Gateshead, UK, is accepted to IEEE Security & Privacy. See:  ePrint,  Gateshead Council article,  BBC coverage
2020-04-29: More than 170 of us, UK cyber security and privacy scientists, signed a joint statement regarding the NHSX Covid19 tracing app. See:  Joint Statement,  More Info
2020-02-11: Our work on the security of password managers is accepted to IFIP SEC 2020. See:  ePrint,  UoY Press Release,  Abstract & Media Coverage


2019-12-22: Our work on battery draining attacks against edge computing nodes in IoT networks is accepted to Cyber-Physical Systems. See:  ePrint
2019-11-14: Our work on designing a cryptographic scheme for sealed-bid auctions without auctioneers is accepted to IEEE TIFS ( ePrint).
2019-07-19: I was quoted on an FT piece on post-quantum cryptography at the occasion of Alan Turing being unveiled the face of the new £50 note ( FT Article).
2019-07-01: The York Cyber Security workshop presentation slides and recordings will be gradually made available on the website ( Programme & Slides).
2019-05-30: Our work on ensuring webpage integrity against malicious browser extensions is accepted to IJIS ( ePrint,  DoI,  Code).
2019-05-02: We ran a trial of our verifiable e-voting system alongside local elections in Gateshead ( paper,  Gateshead,  BBC).
2019-04-10: I'll serve as a PC member of Indocrypt 2019 (Dec 15-18, Hyderabad,  webpage, deadline: Aug 1).
2019-02-01: We are planning a workshop in York on Cyber Security in June ( website).
2019-01-25: I'll serve as a PC member of PST 2019 (Aug 26-28, Fredericton, NB, Canada,  webpage, deadline: Apr 26).
2019-01-24: Our team, SEEV, finished as a CyberASAP programme finalist ( SEEV,  Innovate UK blog).


2018-05-10: I was on BBC Radio York commenting on GDPR ( Programme).
2018-04-10: Our work on analysing and patching SPEKE is accepted to IEEE TIFS ( ePrint).
2018-01-31: PST 2018 (Belfast) call for papers is out. Deadline: May 7, 2018. ( CfP).


2017-08-30: Our work on paper fingerprinting is published in ACM TOPS (formerly TISSEC) ( more info).
2017-05-25: Our work on paper fingerprinting is receiving media coverage ( more info).
2017-04-28: Our work on paper fingerprinting is accepted to ACM TOPS (formerly TISSEC) ( more info).
2017-04-11: Our work on mobile browser sensor security is picked up by the media ( more info).