Siamak F. Shahandashti

Lecturer (Assistant Professor)
 Cyber Security Research Group
 Dept. of Computer Science
 University of York, UK

Latest news

2019-05-30: Our work on ensuring webpage integrity against malicious browser extensions is accepted to IJIS ( ePrint,  DoI,  Code).
2019-05-02: We ran a trial of our verifiable e-voting system alongside local elections in Gateshead ( paper,  Gateshead,  BBC).
2019-04-10: I'll serve as a PC member of Indocrypt 2019 (Dec 15-18, Hyderabad,  webpage, deadline: Aug 1).
2019-02-01: We are planning a workshop in York on Cyber Security in June ( website).
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Contact details

    where x = siamak
    and y = shahandashti
 Office: CSE/034 ( map)
 Tel: +44 1904 325413

Postal address

Dept of Computer Science
University of York
York, YO10 5GH
United Kingdom

Previously at

  • Newcastle Uni, UK
  • Victoria Uni, Australia
  • ENS, Paris, France
  • Wollongong Uni, Australia