Samuel Braunstein's News

Samuel Braunstein's News

News featuring my work:

25.Mar.2009: Research article ranked number 59 among most cited papers
in physics worldwide in the past 10 years - ISI Web of Knowledge

19.Mar.2007: The Telegraph (India)

13.Mar.2007: The Telegraph

27.Feb.2007: Technology News Daily

27.Feb.2007: Science, Engineering & Technology News

28.Feb.2007: Грани

23.Feb.2006: Nature

21.Feb.2006: New Scientist

16.Feb.2006: The Scotsman

14.Feb.2006: Physics News Update

27.Aug.2004: EETimes (42k)

17.Jun.2004: Nature (419k)

17.Jun.2004: The Times (645k)

17.Jun.2004: Web India (97k)

17.Jun.2004: New Kerala (43k)

    .Jun.2004: Physics World (791k)

24.Jun.2003: USA Today (580k)

15.May.2003: The New Indian Express (334k)

  9.May.2003: Science (69k)

  7.May.2003: Science News (565k)

  7.Nov.2002: Nature (134k)

  3.Jan.2002: The Chronicle (39k)

    .Jan.2002: Bangoriad 2002 (101k)

10.Dec.2001: The Western Mail (96k)

  7.Dec.2001: The Western Mail (19k)

  7.Dec.2001: The Times Higher Education Supplement (29k)

  6.Dec.2001: Daily Post (181k)

  6.Dec.2001: Bangor University (90k)

    .Dec.2001: High Life Magazine (47k)

29.Oct.2001: (843k)

20.Sep.2001: The New York Times (50k)

14.Sep.2001: Science (114k)

14.Sep.2001: Science (64k)

  6.Sep.2001: Daily Post (83k)

  6.Sep.2001: The Chronicle (332k)

  6.Sep.2001: BBC Radio 5 interview on Radio 5 Live

  5.Sep.2001: The Mail (111k)

  4.Sep.2001: Appointed Lord Kelvin Lecturer for 2001 (237k)

31.Aug.2001: Western Mail (48k)

    .Aug.2001: Physics Today (39k)

    .May.2001: CASMEM (53k)

    .May.2001: Infinity Point (50k)

    .Apr.2001: Advances Wales (89k)

  4.Jan.2001: Laser Focus World

    .Jan.2001: GlobalTechnoScan (30k)

    .Dec.2000: Photonics Technology

11.Dec.2000: Tamil Computer (88k)

13.Nov.2000: Chicago Tribune

12.Nov.2000: Times of India

10.Nov.2000: About: The Human Internet (133k)

  3.Nov.2000: Microelectronics Technology Alert

  2.Nov.2000: The Christian Science Monitor

29.Oct.2000: The Times

26.Oct.2000: The New York Times

11.Oct.2000: The Mail (350k)

  6.Oct.2000: Science

  4.Oct.2000: Bangor and Anglesey Mail (101k)

  2.Oct.2000: Electronics Times (74k)

  1.Oct.2000: Expedition Zone (212k)

    .Sep.2000: Spectrum

29.Sep.2000: Universe: Jet Propulsion Laboratory

29.Sep.2000: PhysicsWeb (IOP)

27.Sep.2000: Nature: Science Update


26.Sep.2000: Science Daily

26.Sep.2000: The Daily Post (91k)

22.Sep.2000: BBC News (390k)

22.Sep.2000: Physics News Update (AIP)

22.Sep.2000: AlphaGalileo

22.Sep.2000: Slashdot

21.Sep.2000: EurekAlert

21.Sep.2000: American Institute of Physics: Inside Science News Service

21.Sep.2000: Quantum Science to Provide Faster Chips

21.Sep.2000: Quantum world offers faster chips

  4.Aug.2000: Book Review: Quantum Computing: On the Horizon?

    .Apr.2000: Scientific American, pp.32-41

    .Mar.2000: BARC Newsletter (40k)

    .Mar.2000: Free Press Journal (75k)

16.Mar.2000: The DAILY TELEGRAPH (69k)

13.Mar.2000: Indian Express (120k)

13.Mar.2000: Times of India (30k)

13.Mar.2000: The Economic Times Online (86k)

12.Mar.2000: ALLINDIA News (68k)

10.Mar.2000: THE HINDU (69k)

10.Mar.2000: Nanotech Alert

  9.Mar.2000: ScienceNOW (86k)

  9.Mar.2000: Nature (155k)

  9.Mar.2000: Nature: Cover (487k)

    .Feb.2000: BBC 2 Television interview on Background Brief

20.Jan.2000: Physics Today (325k)

  1.Dec.99: The DAILY TELEGRAPH (709k)

Summer.99: Caltech PMA Communiqué (172k)

  1.Sep.99: Promoted to Reader

14.Aug.99: de Volkskrant (103k)

17.Jul.99: New Scientist (47k)

   .Jun.99: Welsh Opto-Electronics Forum Newsletter (88k)

   .May.99: EPSRC Programme, Physics News (32k)

          .99: Y Gair Rhydd (54k)

          .99: Springboard Student Services Magazine (29k)

          .99: International Graduate (255k)

  3.Apr.99: Science News (507k)

   .Apr.99: DIE ZEIT: Computer & Medien

   .Mar.99: Los Angeles Times (Advertising supplement) (88k)

14.Feb.99: El Diario Montañés (PS)

   .Jan.99: Optics & Photonics News (98k)

26.Jan.99: USA Today: Tech Report

19.Jan.99: The Western Mail (121k)

   .Dec.98: Science's top 10 breakthroughs for the year (1.2M)

   .Dec.98: Futuretech, No.228 (107k)

18.Dec.98: CNN interactive: top ten scientific advances for 1998

17.Dec.98: AP Wire service: Top science for 1998

 9.Dec.98: P-magazine (465k)

   .Nov.98: Granada Television interview on Livetime

   .Nov.98: BBC Radio 4 interview on The Material World

   .Nov.98: Physics World (53k)

26.Nov.98: Electronic Telegraph I

26.Nov.98: Electronic Telegraph II

25.Nov.98: The DAILY TELEGRAPH (516k)

24.Nov.98: HA'ARETZ (282k)

  1.Nov.98: WELT am SONNTAG (240k)

   .Oct.98: HTV Television interview on Wales Tonight

   .Oct.98: BBC Radio Wales interview on Meet for Lunch

   .Oct.98: BBC Radio 4 News interview

31.Oct.98: New Scientist (280k)

26.Oct.98: Washington Post, online

26.Oct.98: BBC NEWS

24.Oct.98: The EXPRESS (420k)

24.Oct.98: The DAILY RECORD (200k)

23.Oct.98: The EVENING STANDARD (680k)

23.Oct.98: The INDEPENDENT (82k)

23.Oct.98: The SUN (224k)

23.Oct.98: The DAILY POST (870k)

23.Oct.98: The PASADENA STAR-NEWS (530k)

23.Oct.98: ITN Frontpage

23.Oct.98: Detroit Free Press

23.Oct.98: The Toronto Star, online

23.Oct.98: FOX NEWS, online

23.Oct.98: Science (235k)

22.Oct.98: Albuquerque Journal

22.Oct.98: ABCNEWS

22.Oct.98: Caltech Press Corps

22.Oct.98: CNN, online

22.Oct.98: MS-NBC

   .Aug.98: BBC Radio 4 interview on The Material World

25.Oct.96: Science (80k)

  6.Jun.96: Straight Dope (syndicated column) (145k)

  1.Sep.88: Nature (92k)

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