Dr Radu Calinescu: Publications

Department of Computer Science
University of York
Deramore Lane
York, YO10 5GH

email: radu.calinescu AT york.ac.uk
tel: +44 (0)1904 325166

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Selected publications

R Calinescu, C Paterson, K Johnson (2019). Efficient Parametric Model Checking Using Domain Knowledge. IEEE Transactions on Software Engineering (Early Access).

E Alharbi, PS Bond, R Calinescu, K Cowtan (2019). Comparison of automated crystallographic model-building pipelines. Acta Crystallographica Section D: Structural Biology 75(12).

R Calinescu, D Weyns, S Gerasimou, MU Iftikhar, I Habli, T Kelly (2018). Engineering Trustworthy Self-Adaptive Software with Dynamic Assurance Cases. IEEE Transactions on Software Engineering 44(11):1039-1069.

R Calinescu, M Ceska, S Gerasimou, M Kwiatkowska, N Paoletti (2018). Efficient Synthesis of Robust Models for Stochastic Systems. Journal of Systems and Software 143:140-158.

C Paterson, R Calinescu (2018). Observation-Enhanced QoS Analysis of Component-Based Systems. IEEE Transactions on Software Engineering (Early Access).

S Gerasimou, R Calinescu, G Tamburrelli (2018). Synthesis of Probabilistic Models for Quality-of-Service Software Engineering. Automated Software Engineering 25(4):785-831.

M Ellison, R Calinescu, R Paige (2018). Evaluating Cloud Database Migration Options Using Workload Models. Journal of Cloud Computing 7:6.

R Calinescu, C Ghezzi, K Johnson, M Pezze, Y Rafiq, G Tamburrelli (2016). Formal Verification with Confidence Intervals: A New Approach to Establishing the Quality-of-Service Properties of Software Systems. IEEE Transactions on Reliability, 65(1):107-125.

AR Gallimore, AR Aricescu, M Yuzaki, R Calinescu (2016). A Computational Model for the AMPA Receptor Phosphorylation Master Switch Regulating Cerebellar Long-Term Depression. PLOS Computational Biology, 12(1):e1004664.

J Keen, R Calinescu, R Paige, J Rooksby (2013). Big data + politics = open data: The case of health care data in England. Policy & Internet, 5(2):228-243.

R Calinescu, C Ghezzi, M Kwiatkowska, R Mirandola (2012). Self-adaptive software needs quantitative verification at runtime. Communications of the ACM. 55(9):69-77.

I Sommerville, D Cliff, R Calinescu, J Keen, T Kelly, M Kwiatkowska, J McDermid, R Paige (2012). Large-scale Complex IT Systems. Communications of the ACM 55(7):71-77.

R Calinescu, L Grunske, M Kwiatkowska, R Mirandola, G Tamburrelli (2011). Dynamic QoS Management and Optimisation in Service-Based Systems. IEEE Transactions on Software Engineering, 37(3):387-409.