Using the GCC toolchin

Sourcery G++ Lite Edition, GNU Toolchain for ARM Processors

Sourcery G++ Lite Edition is a free, unsupported command-line version of Sourcery G++ sponsored by CodeSourcery's hardware partners.CodeSourcery, in partnership with ARM, Ltd., develops improvements to the GNU Toolchain for ARM processors and provides regular, validated releases of the GNU Toolchain. Sourcery G++ Lite Edition supports ARM, Thumb, and Thumb-2 compilation for all architectures in active use, including Version 7 of the ARM Architecture.


Sourcery G++ Lite Edition contains command-line tools, including the GNU C and C++ compilers, the GNU assembler and linker, C and C++ runtime libraries, and the GNU debugger.

Fall 2010 Release

There are a number of example software programs available from here, that have been written with this tool chain, details can be found here.