GCC Port to Mbed

Here is the local archive of the test port of CMSIS with GCC to the MBED board, given that its a work in progress, these archives are only a starting point, also they may have part-built source, and object files.

Currently we have the RS232, serial over USB and the I2C interface working, also the MBED board LED's are working. support has been added for the following I2C devices, Batron 16 by 2 line LCD display, a 4*4 keyboard supplied from a PCF8574 I2C PIO chip, and a SAA1064 seven segment I2C based LED controler and finally an 24LC256 I2C based eeprom for holding data like the IP address for the network, etc.

CAN bus is now working, we can send blocks of data and strings over the bus, from one station to another, time synchronization can now be done as a broardcast message.

D2A can now send a signle out to the audio out line, will need further work if we want to play a tune, A2D is also working, getting values from the 5 channels.

GPIO, interface is basically working as an output device

TCPIP networking is going using the Uip network stack, further work will need to be done so we can get SNTP and DHCP working.

USB, currently we have the basic USB driver working, it will look at small memory sticks, with the FAT16 driver.

Started adding sources for the FAT file system on an SD card, and ethernet networking code, these are not bolted in yet, hope to have them working latter this month.

Starting points are here

Cortex Microcontroller Software Interface Standard (CMSIS) (Updated 28/01/2011)
Local Test code for the CMSIS drivers This is our departmental API testbed, (Updated 28/01/2011)
FreeRTOS a working port of FreeRTOS for the mbed board.(Updated 12/09/2010)
PCC, April- 2010