MCP LCD Module

This came about from an MCP assessment in 2009, where we asked the students to create a maze game, the control of this game came from a two axis accelerometer mounted under the centre of the LCD.

The module has two primary interfaces, either the parallel interface, or the I2C interface, if the latter is used the jumpers must be installed in the connector SV1. The standard parallel interface, and the experimental I2C interface are accessed via a 40 way ribbon connector (Con2), located at the bottom of the module, this connector also lets the user access the two switches located on the side of the unit, and the analog outputs from the accelerometers. Also running up this cable is the power supply for the LCD module, this is a 5 volt signal, and a ground signal For the modules protection the supply input is protected with a fuse and a reverse polarity diode

The jumper JP1 selects the sensitivity of the accelerometer, the options are either 2G or 6G, also the two LEDs are only available to the I2C interface. The control R9 sets the contrast on the LCD.

MCP LCD Schematics

MCP LCD PCB Overlays


Component Side

Solder Side

MCP LCD Connections
Pin Number Signal Pin Number Signal
1 Right Switch Pin 1 2 Right Switch Pin 2
3 Right Switch Pin 0 4 Right Switch Pin 3
5 I2C Interface SDA 6 I2C Interface SCL
7 LCD Interface Format select line 8 I2C Device Int Signal
9 LCD Interface Data Bit 7 10 Ground
11 LCD Interface Data Bit 6 12 Ground
13 LCD Interface Data Bit 5 14 Ground
15 LCD Interface Data Bit 4 16 Ground
17 LCD Interface Data Bit 3 18 Ground
19 LCD Interface Data Bit 2 20 Ground
21 LCD Interface Data Bit 1 22 Ground
23 LCD Interface Data Bit 0 24 Ground
25 Board Reset Signal 26 Power In +5v
27 LCD Interface Control/Data selector 28 Power In +5v
29 LCD Interface Chip Enable 30 Power In +5v
31 LCD Interface Read Enable 32 Power In +5v
33 LCD Interface Write Enable 34 Accelerometer Z Axis
Not Installed on this model
35 Accelerometer X Axis 36 Accelerometer Y Axis
37 Lift Switch Pin 0 38 Lift Switch Pin 3
39 Lift Switch Pin 1 40 Lift Switch Pin 2

Connections on the I2C Jumper SV1

1/2 +5v to the I2C chip, must be in for operation
3/4 Ground to the I2C chip, must be in for operation
5/6 Address bit 1 I2C, address selection for this chip
7/8 Address bit 2, address selection for this chip
9/10 Address bit 0, address selection for this chip

Connections on the Sensitivity Jumper JP1 Only 1 jumper installed for operation

1/3 6G Operation
2/4 2G Operation

MCP LCD PCB Data Sheet Links
LIS2L02AS4 Two Axis Accelerometer
PCF8575 I2C I/O chip,
LCD Mechanical Drawings, LCD Controler chip
Scan switch
R.M. Thomas, and P.C. Cooper July 2008