Nick Pears (N. E. Pears) - A short autobiography.

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I'm a Professor of Computer Vision at the Department of Computer Science, University of York, UK, and a member of York's Vision, Graphics and Learning (VGL) research group. My main research interest is in the analysis and modelling of 3D images, particularly the application of machine learning techniques to 3D image analysis, and with a particular application interest in the human face and head. I'm more generally interested in all areas of Computer Vision, Graphics and Machine Learning. Prior to moving to York, I was a Fellow of Girton College, University of Cambridge (1994-1998) and a member of what is now called the Machine Intelligence Lab in the Department of Engineering. Before that, I worked in the Robotics Research Group, Department of Engineering Science, University of Oxford (1990-1994) as a Post-Doctoral RA. I was awarded both a BSc in Engineering Science (1st class) and a PhD in Robotics (1990) at Durham University, UK.

Nick Pears