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There appears to me to be a difficulty in this conclusion: that happenings which depend upon an infinite number of cases cannot be determined by a finite number of experiments; indeed nature has her own habits, born from the return of causes, but only 'in general'. And so, who will say whether a subsequent experiment will not stray somewhat from the rule of all the preceding experiments, because of the very mutabilities of things? [Letter from Leibniz to Bernoulli, 3 December 1703. Quoted in: Cussens, Probability and Statistics in Antognazza (ed.) The Oxford Handbook of Leibniz, OUP, 2018.]


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GOBNILP software for exact Bayesian network learning

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2001-  Senior Lecturer in the Artificial Intelligence Group University of York
Oct 1997-2001 Lecturer in the Artificial Intelligence Group University of York
Feb 1996-Sept 1997 Researcher on the ILP2 project University of Oxford
1994-1995 Researcher on the ISSAFE project Glasgow Caledonian University
1991-1993 Researcher on the RUBS project King's College London
1990 Researcher on a stepwise refinement project University of Oxford
1986-1989 PhD student in Philosophy of Science King's College London
1983-1986 BSc student in Mathematics University of Warwick

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