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Users of this page will be very sorry to hear that Tony Fisher, from the Computer Science Dept at York University, died on February 29 2000.
A tribute to Tony can be found here.

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I am a lecturer in the Department of Computer Science in the University of York.

My avian namesake


My current research interests are in radionavigation, especially the development of novel digital signal processing algorithms for (previously) Decca Navigator and (currently) Loran-C. I shall be happy to supervise research students in this, or a related, area.

In the past I have also worked on:

Some of my research papers and reports are available in PostScript form via the WWW.


Click here for course-related material, e.g. syllabuses, past examination papers and final-year & MSc project suggestions.


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Web Resources

I am an enthusiastic user of the Web for teaching and research. Here are some of my own web pages. I try to use the Web wherever practicable to make tedious admin. jobs less irksome. Unfortunately, work continues to expand to fill the time available [Parkinson].

Other Interests

I have a long-standing interest in telephones.

My other interests are mainly musical: I play the oboe in, and until June 1999 I was the Secretary of, the York Symphony Orchestra, which is one of the oldest amateur orchestras in the United Kingdom. We celebrated our centenary in June 1999.

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