Past Student Projects

Below is a selection of strong (>70%) BSc/BEng/MSc projects I have supervised over the last few years.

Student Title Course Year
Beatriz Sanchez Pina Hardening Clients for Remote APIs MSc SWE 2017
Sina Madani Implementing Apache Thrift using Model-Driven Engineering Technologies MSc SWE 2016
Matt Smith Parallel Model Validation MSc SWE 2015
Sebastian Salazar Tapia Efficient Data Synchronization in Mobile Applications MSc SWE 2014
Martin Francis Managing Google Spreadsheets with Languages of the Epsilon Platform MEng 2013
Cheng Yun Reverse Engineering Java Code with Epsilon MSc SWE 2013
Jason Hampson Considerations in the Application of Domain Specific Languages and Model-Based Development for Code Generation of High-Integrity Real-Time Systems MSc GTC 2012
Jonathan Coe Developing a Bitmessage Client for Android MSc IT 2012