dkolovos.5: Domain Specific 3D Modelling


In the field of 2D graphical editor development, frameworks such as MetaEdit+, GMF/Eugenia [1, 2], Graphiti and more recently Sirius have drastically reduced the effort and expertise required to develop and maintain diagram-based editors for domain-specific languages. Conversely, there is virtually no support for developing domain-specific 3D editors.

The aim of this project is to define a set of notations for specifying the 3D graphical syntax of a domain-specific language at a high level of abstraction and a set of automated facilities for realising a fully- functional 3D editor for the language. To avoid unnecessary duplication of effort, the project should explore existing extensible 3D modelling environments such as Unity, Blender and Three.js [3] as potential hosts/infrastructure for domain-specific 3D editors.


A suitable candidate for this project should have good knowledge of the Java programming language and good object-oriented design skills. Experience with Eclipse would be helpful but is not required.


This project meets the project specifications of the following courses:


  1. Eugenia GMF Tutorial
  2. Kolovos, D.S., García-Domínguez, A., Rose, L.M. & Paige, R.F. Eugenia: towards disciplined and automated development of GMF-based graphical model editors. Software and Systems Modeling, pages 1-27, 2015.
  3. three.js

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