dkolovos.4: Model Visualisation through Model-to-Text Transformation


Flexmi [1,2] is an XML-based textual notation for capturing domain-specific software models in the Eclipse Modelling Framework. Flexmi provides basic support for model visualisation through transformation of models to GraphViz and HTML; a model-to-text transformation template can be attached to a Flexmi model, which is re-executed every time the model is saved and the result is rendered in a dedicated view in the Eclipse IDE. The aim of this project is to take this work forward and support more complex model-to-text transformations [3] that can produce multiple heterogeneous diagrams from a single model and to investigate strategies for efficient execution on such transformations (e.g. a lazy strategy that only computes a visualisation when it needs to be rendered).



This project meets the project specifications of the following courses:


  1. Towards Flexible Parsing of Structured Textual Model Representations
  2. Flexmi
  3. Code generation tutorial with EGL

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