dkolovos.3: Auto-Layout of Simulink Diagrams


Matlab Simulink is a commercial graphical language, which is widely used in embedded systems industries (e.g. automotive, aerospace) for modelling and simulation of control systems. Surprisingly - given its popularity - the Simulink modelling environment does not provide built-in diagram auto-layout capabilities. The aim of this project is to assess how existing general-purpose graph layout tools such as GraphViz [1] and Eclipse ELK [2] can be used to auto-layout Simulink diagrams in a performant and configurable way, and to use one of them to develop an auto-layout tool for such diagrams. The results of the project will be assessed through comparative evalution with existing 3rd-party auto-layout tools for Simulink such as [3].



This project meets the project specifications of the following courses:


  1. GraphViz
  2. Eclipse Layout Kernel
  3. Simulink Auto-Layout Tool

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