dkolovos.1: YAML as a Textual Modelling Language


Textual languages for modelling, such as HUTN [1] and ESON [2], allow models to be represented using text instead of diagrams. YAML [3] is a human friendly (and widely used) data serialization format. The aim of this project is to investigate how EMF models can be represented in YAML and to implement an advanced editor for YAML-based models, that provides features such as content assistance, code completion, reference navigation and an outline view. The process of developing such editors in Eclipse has clear milestones that are orthogonal to each other so even if not all features can be implemented in the context of this project, a working editor can still be produced. A successful project will have immediate and significant impact and visibility in the Model Driven Engineering and the greater Eclipse community.


Suitable candidates for this project should have good knowledge of Java, and strong object-oriented design skills.


This project meets the project specifications of the following courses:


  1. The complete HUTN specification from OMG
  2. ESON - EMF Simple Object Notation
  3. YAML Specification

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