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David Pumfrey 
Life outside the office 

I don't know why anyone would ever read this, but for what it's worth, here it is 
(and all in a state of continual rework, of course): 

Cycling I'm a keen touring cyclist, and have recently started mountain biking too. I hacked together an interactive map of the area around York, but changes to our Departmental Web Server have rendered it temporarily non-functional. Until I get around to re-coding it, you'll just have to go straight to Ian Toyn's routes page. I regularly participate in the evening rides from the University, as well as doing longer things on my own. Biggest ride to date was Land's End to John O'Groats up the west coast. I'm a member of the Cyclists' Touring Club. 
Climbing I am an enthusiastic beginner climber (best leads VS outdoors, French-6c indoors) and have a reasonable rack, ropes etc. I am a member of Leeds Wall, the Foundry and various other walls, and can be persuaded to climb indoors or out almost any time. 
Other sports I love walking (especially mountains in winter), orienteering (if my knees are in a good mood) and wild-country camping. I'm not keen on team sports, and my swimming is lousy, but other than that, I can be talked into almost anything (yes, I've parachuted). 
Vegetarian food I've been a strict vegetarian for about ten years now. I enjoy cooking and eating good food, and one day I'll get around to putting some useful stuff here.  
Backstage I've been doing backstage stuff in amateur theatre for about eighteen years. I've designed / built / lit / pointed followspots at everything from "Midsummer Night's Dream" to "Little Shop of Horrors". I'm currently props team coordinator for the York Light Opera Company, a large amateur company which produces very high quality shows in the Theatre Royal, York and the Joseph Rowntree Theatre, York . In most companies, my role would probably be called "stage manager", in that I am responsible for most of the technical aspects of our shows, as well as building, buying and finding properties. Some of my projects for this company can be seen here.

Some of my largest past theatrical projects have been the sets which I designed and constructed for the University of York Gilbert & Sullivan Society.

I'm a member of Paradise Green Promotions, a company which provides Edinburgh Fringe Festival venues for small theatre companies. I was a director of this company from 1999-2002, but I stood down to make time for other interests, though I still spend most of August each year in Edinburgh, building and running studio theatres. 

I'm involved with several other theatres and theatrical groups, including The Priestley in Bradford, and Theatre in the Mill, also in Bradford.

DIY I do loads of DIY things - mostly for other people (my own house has about 20 unfinished projects currently underway!). Some of my bigger jobs to date have included replacing the roof of my parents' holiday home, building a complete garden for one of my colleagues, and erecting seemingly endless amounts of fencing (all with concrete posts and gravel boards for durability, of course). Smaller projects have included carports, garages, rewiring, replumbing, installing central heating, and all sorts of carpentry.
Reading I'm an avid reader; I'm much more likely to pick up a book than switch on the television when I want to relax. I have a bad habit of buying books rather than using a library, so my house is filling up fast! Favourite authors (and books) include Graham Swift ("Waterland"), Thomas Keneally ("Towards Asmara"), Jane Gardam ("Bilgewater"), Sarah Waters ("Fingersmith"), Jeanette Winterson ("Lighthousekeeping"), Kate Atkinson ("Emotionally Weird"), J.R.R. Tolkein ("Lord of the Rings"), Audrey Niffenegger ("The Time Traveler's Wife"), Philip Pullman ("The Amber Spyglass"), Iain Banks ("The Crow Road"), Ben Elton ("Dead Famous") and Terry Pratchett ("Small Gods"), but I'll read pretty much anything.
Railways I have recently re-awakened my interest in narrow-gauge steam railways, and am now a member of the West Lancashire Light Railway and the Moseley Railway Trust. I was also one of the gang experiencing the frustrations of trying to use four "Turtles" (WW1-vintage protected petrol locomotives) to perform complex shunting operations in Minffordd yard as part of the Ffestiniog Railway's "Ffestiniog Fifty" weekend.
Memberships In no particular order, I'm also a member of the National Trust, Woodland Trust and the Youth Hostels Association.
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