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Professor Alan Burns a member of the Department of Computer Science, University of York, U.K. His research interests cover a number of aspects of real-time systems including the assessment of languages for use in the real-time domain, distributed operating systems, the formal specification of scheduling algorithms and implementation strategies, and the design of dependable user interfaces to real-time applications. Professor Burns has authored/co-authored 500 papers/reports and books. Many of these are in the real-time area. His teaching activities include courses in Operating Systems and Real-time Systems. In 2009 Professor Burns was elected a Fellow of the Royal Academy of Engineering. In 2012 he was elected a Fellow of the IEEE.

Recent Publications include:

A. Burns and A.J. Wellings, A Schedulability Compatible Multiprocessor Resource Sharing Protocol – MrsP, Proceedings of ECRTS, pp282—291, 2013. Author’s copy is available.

A. Burns, R.I. Davis, P. Wang and F. Zhang, Partitioned EDF Scheduling for Multiprocessors using a C=D Scheme, 18th RTNS, pp169-178, 2010. An extended journal version of this paper (with the same title) is available from the Real-Time Systems Journal, Vol 48 No 1, pp3-33 (2012).

S.K. Baruah and A. Burns and R. I. Davis, Response-Time Analysis for Mixed Criticality Systems, RTSS 2011, pp34-43, 2011.

A. Burns and B. Littlewood, Reasoning about the Reliability of Multi-Version, Diverse Real-Time Systems, Proceeding of the 31st IEEE Real-Time Systems Symposium, pp73-8, 2010.

A. Burns  and I. J. Hayes, A Timeband Framework for Modelling Real-Time Systems, Real-Time Systems Journal, Vol 45, pp106-142, 2010. An up-to-date report on timebands is available as a department technical report, YCS 467.

F. Zhang and A. Burns, Schedulability Analysis for Real-Time Systems with EDF Scheduling, IEEE Transactions on Computers, Vol 58, No 9, pp1250-1258, 2009.

Z. Shi and A. Burns, Real-Time Communication Analysis for On-Chip Networks with Wormhole Switching, Proceeding of the IEEE International Symposium on Networks-on-Chip (NoCS), pp161-170, 2008.

Here is a position paper on Predictability as an Emergent Behaviour  -- 4th Workshop on Compositional Theory and Technology for Real-Time Embedded Systems, pp27-29 (2011).

Here is a review paper on Mixed Criticality Systems (fourth edition)  -- this has been produced as part of the EPSRC funded MCC project.

Professor Burns can be found in office CSE/118. You can email him using alan.burns within

Recent Books: Concurrent Programming, Concurrency in Ada, HRT-HOOD, Concurrent and Real-Time Programming in Ada and a fourth edition of Real-Time Systems and Programming Languages.

Information on Pascal-FC: a teaching language for concurrent programming.

A report on the Ravenscar Profile has just published as a Departmental Yellow Report (YCS-2003-348.pdf). This is available from our ftp site.

He is a member of the Real-Time Research Group at York.

A. Burns, DPhil, CEng, FBCS, CITP, FIET, FREng, FIEEE
Department of Computer Science,
Deramore Lane,
University of York,
YO1 5GH,

Telephone +44 (0) 1904 325529