IRTAW 2015 Papers

  1. N.C. Audsley and A. Burns, Efficient Implementation of IPCP and DF.
  2. A. Burns and A.J. Wellings, Testing Conformity to the Real-Time Annex
  3. A.J. Wellings and A. Burns, Interrupts, Timing Events and Dispatching Domains
  4. P. Rogers, J. Ruiz, T. Gingold, Toward Extensions to the Ravenscar Profile (not yet updated)
  5. Jorge Garrido, Juan Zamorano and Juan A. de la Puente, ARINC-653 Inter-partition Communications and the Ravenscar Profile
  6. Luís Miguel Pinho, Brad Moore, Stephen Michell and S. Tucker Taft, , Real-Time Fine-Grained Parallelism in Ada
  7. Patrick Bernardi, Incorporating Cyclic Task Behaviour into Ada Tasks
  8. Mario Aldea Rivas, Hector Perez Tijero and Michael Gonzalez Harbour, Multiprocessor Ada platform based on MaRTE OS and GNAT (not yet updated)
  9. Sergio Saez, Jorge Real, Alfons Crespo, Implementation of Timing-Event Affinities in Ada/Linux
  10. Joyce Tokar, Update of ISO/IEC TR 15942, Programming Languages - Guide for the Use of the Ada Programming Language in High Integrity Systems (not yet updated)


Mario Aldea Rivas
Patrick Bernardi
Alan Burns
Juan A. de la Puente
 Robert Dewar
Tristan Gingold
Michael Gonzalez Harbour
Stephan Michell
Brad Moore
Miguel Pinho
Jorge Real
Pat Rogers
Jose Ruiz
Sergio Saez
Joyce Tokar
Tullio Vardanega
Andy Wellings
Juan Zamorano

Draft Programme

Monday  AM: Fine Grain Parallelism

Aim: To discuss and , if necessary refine, the proposal for language support for taskslets.
Chairs: Miguel Pinho and Stephen Michell
Rapporteur: Brad Moore
Papers: 6

Monday  PM: Language Abstractions

Aim: To review support for affinities and cyclic tasks. To generate an AI for adding affinities for Interrupts/Timing Events.
Chair: Andy Wellings
Rapporteur: Jorge Real
Papers: 3, 9, 7

Tuesday AM: Conformance Issues

Aim: To discuss IRTAW's role in generating Test Cases for Ada's Real-Time Support and updating IEC TR 15942
Chair: Alan Burns
Rapporteur: Juan Antonio de la Puente
Papers: 2, 10

Tuesday PM: Ravenscar and Implementation Issues

Aim: To review progress in mulitprocessor and  implementations. To discuss Ravenscar related profiles.
Chair: Michael Gonzalez Harbour
Rapporteurs: Pat Rogers
Papers: 1, 4, 5, 8

Wednesday AM: Overflow and Wrap-Up Session