I am now retired and so do not teach at the university any more but in my career I taught the following modules:

Advanced Topics in Interactive Technology (ADVT)
MSc, coordinator for a module taught mostly by invited external speakers
Design & Research Practice for Interactive Technologies (DARP)
This module was led by Chris Power, but others including myself supported some of the teaching.
Human Aspects of Computer Science (HACS)
A first-year undergraduate module.
Presenting your Conference Paper
A talk given to research students - and others
Ada for Electronics
Second-year Electronics undergraduates
Advanced Compiler Construction
Third-year undergraduate option
Algorithms and Data Structures
First-year undergraduate
Algorithms and Data Structures in Pascal
First-year undergraduate and MSc, taught in collaboration with two other lecturers
C for Biologists
Crash Course on C Programming
Optional course for undergraduate students.
Interaction Design
Module for MSc students which was also available to second- and third-year undergraduates, taught in collaboration with one other lecturer
IT as an Enabling Technology
Third-year undergraduate option
Lexical and Syntax Analysis of Programming Languages
Second-year undergraduate course, taught in collaboration with one other lecturer
Operating Systems
Second-year undergraduate
Pascal Programming
First year undergraduate and MSc
Project: Computer Science Writing
Taught mainly by another lecturer, but I used to give a lecture on:
  • Ethics in Student Projects
Web Design, Database-driven Web Design
How many senses do we have?
Advanced Media Systems - Masterclass

This is an MSc module in the Electronics department. I teach a class on Multimodality.

Presenting your Conference Paper
A talk given to research students - and others

Which of these audiences would I rather teach?

Paying attention

Project Supervision


I was nominated as Supervisor of the Year in 2011-12.

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