Yasmin Rafiq (PhD student)

Email : yr534@york.ac.uk

Tel: +44 (0)1904 325396

Department of Computer Science
University of York
Deramore Lane
United Kindgdom




I am PhD student at University of York in the department of Computer Science. My PhD is EPSRC funded and I am a member of Large-Scale Complex IT System and my project is involved in looking at the non-functional properties of Cloud Computing. Before starting the PhD I completed my Masters with Research in Photonic Networks along with providing IT consultancy to Royal College of General Practitioners, where I gained practical experience of web development and project management. 

Qualifications & Education


Research interests

My research area of interest is looking at on-line learning of the models used in the analysis of quality-of-service engineering properties of computer systems based on observations of their behaviour. In particular, I am looking to devise a broad range of new algorithms for learning and updating the parameters of several types of Markovian models and queueing networks used in QoS engineering for computer systems. This will include discrete-time Markov models (used to model reliability properties of computer systems), continuous-time Markov models and queueing networks(both used to model performance-related properties).

These algorithms will be used to develop software tools that researchers and practitioners can use to build adaptive computer systems, i.e., systems that employ runtime QoS analysis to adjust their configuration in line with changes in their internal state, workload and objectives. Finally, the project will evaluate the effectiveness of the new algorithms and software tools within case studies from the area of service-based software systems deployed on cloud computing infrastructure.