Decomposing multispectral face images into diffuse and specular shading and biophysical parameters


We propose a novel biophysical and dichromatic reflectance model that efficiently characterises spectral skin reflectance. We show how to fit the model to multispectral face images enabling high quality estimation of diffuse and specular shading as well as biophysical parameter maps (melanin and haemoglobin). Our method works from a single image without requiring complex controlled lighting setups yet provides quantitatively accurate reconstructions and qualitatively convincing decomposition and editing.

In International Conference on Image Processing 2019
Col. 1: sRGB render of multispectral images. Col. 2-5: decomposition into: specular and diffuse shading, melanin and haemoglobin. Col. 6: albedo from biophysical maps. Col. 7: sRGB render of reconstructed radiance.
Will Smith
Reader in Computer Vision