The X Files : season 2 episodes


2.1. Little Green Men

When the X Files project is disbanded, Mulder and Scully return to rank-and-file investigations. But the agents can hardly contain their boredom, and when messages arrive at a deserted radio telescope, they set about solving a new mystery involving UFOs and aliens.

Jorge: Mike Gomez --- Dr Troisky: Les Carlson --- Young Fox Mulder: Marcus Turner

2.2. The Host

The crew of a freighter enounter something nasty in their sewage tanks. Mulder is assigned a mysterious murder case in New Jersey. While performing the autopsy on the body of a murdered sanitation worker, Scully discovers a strange worm-like creature slithering around inside the corpse. They soon realise they are on the trail of a vicious parasite using human bodies as incubators.

Fluke worm: Darin Moragan --- Detective Norman: Freddy Andreiuci --- Charlie: Don Mackay --- Agent Brisentine: Marc Bauer


Grown men have turned white at the thought of meeting Gillian Anderson of The X Files and Future Fanstatic . Others have crumbled. And a rare few do both. But this is Flukeman from the Season Two episode The Host caught during a light-hearted moment at a charity do.

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2.3. Blood

A wave of violent killings by apparently normal residents of a small Pennsylvania town begins when the words "kill 'em all" appear on a digital display unit in the post office. What is the link with the electronic equipment?

Ed Funsch: William Sanderson --- Sheriff Spenser: John Cygan --- Mr McRoberts: Kimberley Ashlyn Gere --- Larry Winter: George Touliatos

2.4. Sleepless

Just before dying, an expert in sleep disorders rings to report a fire to the emergency services. His body shows symptoms of having been burned alive in a fire, except that his flesh is not charred, and the authorities fail to detect any trace of a fire. Mulder and Krycek investigate.

Salvatore Matola: Jonathan Gries --- Henry Willig: Don Thompson --- Dr Girardi: David Adams

2.5. Duane Barry

A mental patient who used to be an FBI agent takes a psychologist and three other patients hostage, claiming to have been experimented on by aliens. Mulder is assigned to negotiate. Then Scully is abducted.

2.6. Ascension

Mulder rushes to Scully's apartment when he learns that she has been attacked by Duane Barry, a mental patient and former FBI agent. Then he realises that Barry is probably heading to what he believes is a UFO landing site, with the abducted Scully in tow. Krycek has is own agenda.

Duane Barry: Steve Railsback --- Lucy Kazden: C.C.H. Pounder --- Tactical commander: Stephen E Miller --- Dr Hakkie: Frank C Turner --- Agent Rich: Fred Henderson --- Gwen: Barbara Pollard --- Dwight: Peter Lacroix

2.7. 3

The X Files have been officially reopened but Scully is still missing. Mulder investigates a weird three-person California cult who kill in order to drink their victims' blood, believing it will make them immortal. He finds himself strangely drawn to a mysterious woman, Kristen, who is linked to all three.

Unholy Spirit: Justina Vail --- Kristen: Perrey Reeves --- Son: Frank Military --- Detective Munson: Tom Macbeath

2.8. One Breath

[Scully dream sequence] Despite Mulder's insistence not to give up hope, Scully's mother orders a gravestone for her missing daughter. Then a comatose Scully is mysteriously returned from her abduction. Her condition is critical. No one knows how she got back or what the nature of her illness is, but they do know she doesn't have long to live. Although his contact advises him to give up, Mulder sets out to find Cancer Man -- the mysterious smoking figure in Skinner's office.

2.9. Fire Walker

Mulder and Scully, still somewhat shaky from her abduction ordeal, are called in to a research base to check out the mysterious deaths of scientists researching a volcano. Does it contain some kind of silicon life form?

Trepkos: Bradley Whitford --- Ludwig: Leland Orser --- Jesse O'Neal: Shawnee Smith --- Pierce: Tuck Milligan

2.10. Red Museum

Mulder and Scully travel to Wisconsin to invetigate the temporary disappearances of several teenagers, who reappear with strange messages written on their backs. Are they possessed, is a religious cult at the bottom of it, and are cows being injected with alien DNA?

2.11. Excelsius Dei

A nurse working nights at a Massachusetts old people's home is raped by an invisible entity which she claims was the spirit of an elderly patient. As Mulder and Scully look into the case, they are surprised by the mental alertness and creativity of the inmates.

2.12. Aubrey

A woman experiences a frightening vision of a man burying a corpse in a shallow grave. Scully and Mulder find an FBI agent, missing for nearly half a century, and reopen a case of serial killings from the 1940s.

Lieutenant Tillman: Teryy O'Quinn --- Detective B. J. Morrow: Deborah Sprang

2.13. Irresistible

Scully and Mulder look into an incident at a funeral home and its possible connection with the burial of mutilated corpses at a graveyard in Minneapolis. They stumble across a sinister fetishist, who may be moving on to living victims. Scully is next in line.

2.14. Die Hand Die Verletzt

A group of teenagers stumbles across a black magic altar in the woods outside a small town, and one of them unwittingly releases a powerful evil force that leads to a mysterious death. Now it's raining frogs -- and what about that substitute teacher no-one remembers hiring?

2.15. Fresh Bones

In North Carolina, Mulder and Scully investigate the deaths of two marines stationed at the processing centre for Haitian refugees. Officially the deaths are suicides, but the widow of one believes stranger forces are at work. The agents investigate claims of military brutality, voodoo curses, and zombie soldiers rising from their graves. Eventually they experience Haiti's magic for themselves.

Pierre Beauvais: Bruce Young --- Colonel Wharton: Daniel Benzali --- Chester: Jamil Walker-Smith --- Private Dunham: Matt Hill --- Groundskeeper: Callum Keith Rennie --- Private McAlpin: Kevin Conway --- Robin: Katya Gardner --- Private Kittel: Roger Cross

2.16. Colony (part 1)

While searching for a killer capable of changing his genetic identity, involved in a series of lookalike murders, Mulder is stunned when his long-lost sister Samantha suddenly appears.

Samantha: Megan Leitch

2.17. End Game (part 2)

Alien clones are being hunted down by an extraterrestrial bounty hunter. While investigating, Scully is completely confused -- she is talking to Mulder at her motel room when the phone rings: it's Mulder. Which is the real one?

2.18. Fearful Symmetry

Animals from an Idaho zoo disappear from their cages and reappear miles away. A local man is killed by an invisible force. And Scully has to conduct a bizarre autopsy.

Willa Ambrose: Jayne Atkinson --- Kyle Lang: Lance Guest --- Byers: Bruce Harwood

2.19. Død Kalm

Mulder and Scully investigate a new naval ship found rusting at sea, the crew of which have apparently died of premature ageing. They start ageing themselves, and must solve the problem before it kills them.

2.20. Humbug

When Mulder and Scully investigate a mysterious murder in a circus community, their preconceptions are severely tested.

The BBC used this very funny and atypical episode (watch out for Scully eating a bug!) to transfer the series from BBC2 to BBC1.

2.21. The Calusari

A toddler is run down by an amusement park train. Mulder's first hunch is that a ghost is somehow responsible. Scully blames a psychological disorder.

2.22. F. Emasculata

Two dangerous escaped convicts might be carriers of a lethal disease.

Dr Osbourne: Charles Martin Smith --- Marshall "Deke" Tapia: Dean Norris --- Paul: John Pyper-Ferguson --- Angela Garza: Angelo Vacca --- Dr Barber: Morris Panych --- Elizabeth: Lynda Boyd --- Steve: John Tench --- Bobby Lawrence: Kim Kondrashoff --- Dr Lawrence: Bill Rowat

2.23. Soft Light

The agents are drawn into the strange case of a tobacco executive's disappearance when they are unofficially enlisted by an ex-student of Scully's. The only clue is some ash by the victim's door. Was it a case of spontaneous combustion?

Chester: Tony Shaloub --- Detective Ryan: Kate Twa --- Davey: Kevin McNultey --- Detective Barron: Nathan Deveaux --- Doctor: Robert Rozen --- Night nurse: Donna Yamamoto --- Scientist: Forbes Angus --- Officers: Guyle Fraizer, Steve Bacic, Craig Brunanski

2.24. Our Town

A Federal Poultry Inspector is killed by an axe-wielding masked man, but no body is found. As the agents investigate the case, Scully finds herself only seconds away from joining him.

2.25. [Scully] Anasazi (part 1)

Mulder is given a top-secret disk containing proof about the government's clandestine involvement with aliens, but he can't decode it. He's never been so close, or in so much danger. The end-of-season cliff-hanger has Mulder trapped in a burning box-car full of alien corpses.

Joseph Doane: Renea Morriseau --- Thinker: Bernie Coulson --- Agent Kautz: Paul McClean

Anasazi (it's the name of a tribe of Native Americans who disappeared without trace, and means ancient aliens) features what Chris Carter considers the best dialogue of the whole series. He describes the meeting between Mulder's father and the Cigarette Smoking Man as "A very beautiful scene between two men looking at their lives, their achievements, and what they will do to protect what they've got."

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