The X Files : season 1 episodes


[Scully] 1.1. Pilot
FBI Agent Fox Mulder wants to uncover the truth behind the Bureau's unexplained cases, its X Files, but is assigned sceptical Agent Dana Scully as his partner.

1.2. Deep Throat
A tip from a secret government contact to a trail of missing test pilots and a possible government cover-up of a UFO crash site

1.3. Squeeze
Eugene Toombs is a mutant serial killer who can slither through tight spaces to attack him victims

1.4. Conduit
When investigating a young girl's mysterious disappearance, Mulder must confront his own feelings about his sister's abduction

1.5. The Jersey Devil
A string of brutal attacks may be the work of the legendary "Jersey Devil", a carnivorous man-beast

1.6. Shadows
Could an unseen force protecting a young woman be a poltergeist?

1.7. Ghost in the Machine
An AI computer may be killing to ensure its survival

1.8. Ice
A team of geophysicists are killed by a worm-like mind-controlling parasitic alien life form in Alaska. [An update of The Thing .]

1.9. Space
An astronaut is haunted by a ghostly image

1.10. Fallen Angel
Mulder investigates a UFO crash-site and cover-up, and has a close encounter with an ET

1.11. Eve

In a quiet suburban street, neighbours find a man dead. He has lost four litres of blood. Mulder and Scully are astonished when identical deaths occur on the opposite sides of America -- one in California and one in Connecticut -- to a man with an identical daughter. The 8-year-old child says "men from the clouds came for my father ... they wanted to exsanguinate him". Both victims have daughters of the same age, and both are found drained of blood. The link is Dr Sally Kendrick, who was involved in a eugenics programme during the 1950s, creating clones with greater intelligence and strength.

Dr Sally Kendrick/Eve Six/Hughes: Harriet Harris --- Teena Simmons: Sabrina Krievins --- Cindy Reardon: Erika Krievins --- Ellen Reardon: Tasha Simms --- Dr Marvin Katz: George Touliatos --- Ms Wells: Christine Upright-Letain --- Ted Watkins: David Kirby --- Donna Watkins: Tina Gilbertson

1.12. Fire
A pyrokinetik assassin can ignite fires with the touch of his hand

1.13. Beyond the Sea

Scully wakes to see her father sitting in her room. Moments later he vanishes, and then her mother telephones to say her father has died unexpectedly. Meanwhile a serial killer, now on Death Row and claiming to have psychic abilities, offers to help Mulder and Scully catch another serial killer. When he hums Beyond the Sea , a song played at her father's funeral and then uses her father's pet name for her, Scully is prepared to believe in his powers; for once, it's Mulder who is sceptical.

Luther Boggs: Brad Dourif --- Captain John Scully: Don Davis --- Lucas Henry: Lawrence King --- Agent Thomas: Fred Henderson --- Warden Joseph Cash: Don Mackay --- Liz Hawley: Lisa Vultaggio --- Jim Summers: Chad Willett --- Nurse: Kathrynn Chisholm --- Paramedic: Randy Lee --- ER doctor: Len Rose

1.14. Gender Bender

A bizarre series of murders are committed by the same person who appears to alternate between being male and female. Clues lead Mulder and Scully to a religious sect called the Kindred.

Brother Andrew: Brent Himkley --- Sister Abbey: Michele Goodger --- Marty (male): Peter Stebbings --- Marty (female): Kate Twa --- Michel: Nicholas Lea (later plays Agent Krycek) --- Detective: Mitchell Kosterman --- Brother Wilton: Paul Batten --- Agent 2: Doug Abrahams --- Pretty woman: Aundrea MacDonald --- Husband: John R Taylor --- Tall man: Grai Carrington --- Cop: Tony Morelli --- Agent 1: Lesley Ewen --- Brother Oakley: David Thomson

1.15. Lazarus

An FBI agent (who is also Scully's boyfriend) and a bank-robber are both shot and critically injured during a stake-out. The two are rushed to hospital where the agent revives and the robber dies. Or is it the other way round? The survivor certainly looks like the agent, but he is behaving very strangely and a tattoo that was on the robber's arm starts to appear on his own.

Agent Willis: Christopher Allport --- Lula Valesquez: Cec Verrell --- Agent Bruskin: Jackson Davies --- Dupre: Jason Schombing --- Tommy: Callum Keith Rennie --- Professor Varnes: Jay Brazeau --- O'Dell: Peter Kelamis

1.16. Young at Heart

When Mulder helps out with an investigation into a jewellery shop robbery, he is given a note left at the scene, saying "Fox can't guard the chicken coop". He suspects the author is John Barnett, a criminal he helped to convict, sentenced to life imprisonment. However, prison records show Barnett died four years earlier.

Then a second note is found that reads, "A hunted Fox eventually dies", convincing Mulder that either Barnett did not die or has somehow come back from the dead to take his revenge on the agent. More notes, more threats, and a government-financed medical experiment end with Mulder reluctantly pulling the trigger.

Reggie Purdue: Dick Anthony Williams --- John Barnett: Alan Boyce --- Heather Henderson: Christine Estabrook --- Dr Austin: Graham Jarvis --- Dr Ridley: Robin Mossley --- Prosecuting attorney: Merrilyn Gann --- Joe Crandall: Gordon Tipple

[Scully and Mulder] 1.17. E.B.E.

Mulder and Scully investigate a government cover-up over the shooting down of a UFO near the Iraq/Turkey border, and a UFO sighting in Tennessee. Mulder calls on The Lone Gunmen, a group of conspiracy theorists, for help.

Also offering the agent some help is Deep Throat, who reveals he is one of three men to have actually killed an E.B.E. (Extraterrestrial Biological Entity). But his misinformation and half-truths leave Mulder confused. "I'm wondering which lie to believe."

Chief Cash: Allan Lysell --- Ranheim: Peter Lacroix

1.18. Miracle Man

A young man is claiming the power to heal -- but is he putting his alleged gifts to good or evil? Mulder is startled when Samuel, the youth whose powers appear to kill or cure in equal measure, tells him about his sister, whose disappearance led Mulder to dedicate his life to finding out what happened to her and others who have vanished.

Sheriff Daniels: R D Call --- Samuel: Scott Bairstow --- Reverencd Hartley: George Gerdes --- Leonard Vance: Dennis Lipscomb --- Judge: Walter Marsh --- Hohman's father: Campbell Lane --- Chilton Crane: Margaret Hohman --- Fire chief: Howard Storey

[Mulder and Scully] 1.19. Shapes

Shapes could have been retitled A Native American Werewolf in Montana . The agents face a situation with bloody echoes of what Mulder says was the very first X files case -- a series of murders over the past 50 years involving an "Indian man who could change into a wolf". A ferocious wolf-like beast is shot dead when it attacks a man and his son. But when they examine the body, it is that of a local man. This is not news to the tribal elders living on the native American reservation who know all about the events of 1946, the legend of the Manitou and the malevolent spirit's abilities to transform.

Lyle Parker: Ty Miller --- Charlie Tskany: Michael Horse --- Jim Parker: Donnelly Rhodes --- Ish: Jimmy Herman --- Gwen Goodensnake: Renae Morriseau --- David Gates: Dwight McFee --- Dr Josephs: Paul McLean

1.20. Darkness Falls

Darkness Falls has a conservation theme (and was honoured at the Environmental Media Awards) as well as some creepy-crawly effects.

When 30 loggers in a Pacific Northwest forest suddenely disappear, the natural conclusion is that it is the work of eco-terrorists who have been trying to stop the felling of old-growth forests. However, the first thing Mulder and Scully discover when they start their investigations is a human corpse inside a huge white cocoon: thousands of deadly insects that paralyse and then cocoon their victims have been released into a remote forest.

Larry Moore: Jason Beghe --- Steve Humphreys: Tom O'Rourke --- Spinney: Titus Welliver --- Clean suited man: David Hay --- Perkins: Barry Greene --- Dyer: Ken Tremblett

1.21. Tooms

[Tooms] Eugene Tooms comes out of hibernation every 30 years to kill five people and then eat their livers. He was last seen (in Squeeze ) in a prison cell smiling malevolently at his guard, but now he is up for parole and despite Mulder's best efforts it looks like he's going to be released. (After watching this episode you may never want to use an escalator again.)

Eugene Tooms: Doug Hutchinson --- Dr Monte: Paul Ben Victor --- Briggs: Henry Beckman --- Detective Talbot: Timoth Webber --- Judge Kann: Jan D'Arcy --- Doctor Plith: Jerry Wasserman --- Doctor Collins: Frank C Turner --- Christine Ranford: Teryl Rothery --- Frank Ranford: Pat Bermel --- Dr Karetzky: Mikal Dughi --- Nelson: Glynis Davies --- Myers: Steve Adams

1.22. Born Again

Eight-year-old Michelle is the only witness to the mysterious death of a detective. She says that as the policeman plummeted to his death, she saw a man in the room whose description fits another detective who died at exactly the time the girl was conceived. Is this evidence for reincarnation? Did she see a ghost? Does she just have a fertile imagination? Possibly, except Michelle tends to mutilate her dolls in the same way the first detective was killed. Her mother says: "Sometimes she sees things I can't see ... she frightens me ..."

Tony Fiore: Brain Markinso --- Anita Fiore: Mimi Lieber --- Sharon Lazard: Maggie Wheeler --- Judy Bishop: Dey Young --- Michelle Bishop: Andrea Libman --- Dr Sheila Braun: P Lynn Johnson

[Mulder and Scully] 1.23. Roland

A scientist, part of a team of four developing a jet engine that could double supersonic speeds using half the fuel, suffers a gruesome death when he becomes trapped inside a wind tunnel. An accident? Perhaps, but another member of the team has already died in a car accident (and had his head cryogenically preserved) leading Mulder and Scully to suspect foul play.

The only suspect is Roland, a mentally challenged janitor with an extraordinary ability to manipulate complex numbers. Could he be the murderer? And if so, why?

Roland Fuller: Zeljko Ivanek --- Mrs Stodie: Micole Mercurio --- Keats: Garry Davey

1.24. The Erlenmeyer Flask

[frozen alien fetus] The closing episode of the first series kills off a main character and closes down the X Files , separating Mulder and Scully.

A fugitive from the police survives being shot and spending three days underwater. Where did his superhuman strength come from -- is he an extraterrestrial? According to Deep Throat, Mulder and Scully have "never been closer" to the truth (which is still out there somewhere) although Scully, and to an extent Mulder, thinks he is toying with them. However, Scully finds firm evidence that aliens exist.

Crew cut man: Lidsey Ginter --- Dr Simon: Anne Desalvo --- Fugitive: Simon Webb

The Erlenmeyer Flask is a tale of experimentation on alien DNA; dedicated X-philes can buy - for around £60, from specialist shops, a bottled alien fetus, similar to the one held by Scully. (Yes, the truth may be out there, but no, it's a fake.) On the bottle is the label: "In Case of Damage or Leakage Notify Public Health Authority". You have been warned.

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