Angel : season 2 review


22 50 minute episodes

SF elements

vampire redemption


This is a season of two parts, both of them good, but rather different in tone.

The return of Darla, and Angel's descent from brooding, through all out angst, to black despair, occupy the first two thirds. Then he hits rock bottom, bounces back remarkably quickly, and becomes the contrite but almost cheery Angel of the last third. (This lighter end third forms a kind of reverse mirror image of the darker end part of its sister series -- as things start to get better for Angel they get a lot worse for Buffy.)

There is really only one major crossover episode with Buffy this season, but it's a great one. The Angel episode Darla and the Buffy episode Fool for Love describe the same historical episode, here from Angel's PoV, there from Spike's -- and exactly the same scenes tell such different stories because of the different contexts -- brilliant!

Roll on season 3...

Rating: 3

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reviewed 23 February 2002