Angel : season 2 episodes


2.1. Judgement

The gang are using Cordelia's apartment as a temporary office. After Cordelia has a vision of a demon, Angel kills him, then discovers he was the protector of a pregnant woman being hunted by other demons. Gunn helps Angel find where the demon was living, and Angel discovers a talisman. After "singing" at a demon karaoke bar -- not even the destroyer of worlds can argue with Manilow -- Angel learns he must become the woman's new champion before the Tribunal, to save her child, who will become a powerful seer.

2.2. Are You Now Or Have You Ever Been

Angel gets Wesley and Cordelia to research an abandoned hotel. He lived there in the 1950s, uncaring and remote, and was caught up in the plot of a demon who feeds on people's fears. Now he wants to rescue the woman trapped by the demon. And finally, the gang have their new offices...

2.3. First Impressions

Angel is having very pleasant detailed dreams of Darla, but hasn't told his friends. Cordelia has a vision of Gunn in terrible danger, and, unable to raise Angel or Wesley, takes an axe and goes off on her own to protect him. He doesn't seem to need any protection, but then Angel's car is stolen from Cordelia, and Gunn agrees to help get it back. In the process, they run into a vampire gang, then a deadly demon. At this point Angel and Wesley catch up with them, for the final pitched battle. Gunn says Cordelia has saved his life, so can go now, but Cordelia says that wasn't the vision, that Gunn's danger is from himself. Darla appears to Angel in reality while he is asleep.

2.4. Untouched

Cordelia has a vision of a young woman about to be attacked. By the time Angel arrives, the attackers are dead, crushed by a two-ton dumpster. The woman has uncontrollable telekinetic powers. He convinces her he wants to help -- but she is also being pursued by Wolfram & Hart, who are using the same dream invasion technique on her that Darla is using on Angel. Angel eventually gets her to control her powers.

2.5. Dear Boy

Darla tries to drive Angel bad, for Wolfram and Hart. She sets up a scene to make it look like Angel is stalking her and has murdered her husband. Angel escapes from the police, then abducts Darla. He taunts her with the fact that W&H brought her back as a human -- which means she now has a soul, too. Kate thinks Angel is guilty -- but the team convince her of inconsistencies in the story. But she still blames Angel for all the innocents who get caught in the cross-fire.

[Angel, Cordelia, Gunn, Wesley] 2.6. Guise will be Guise

Angel goes to a swami for help with his obsession for Darla -- but the swami is a fake, sent to keep Angel out of town. A powerful wizard demands to see Angel, to hire him to protect his daughter Virginia, and Wesley has to pretend to be Angel to save Cordelia from being shot by an angry henchman. But then Wesley falls for Virginia. When she discovers his lie, she is distraught and sends him away. Gunn collects Angel, and they all discover Virginia's father plans to sacrifice her to get extra power. They rush off to save her, but the demon doesn't want her sacrifice because she is not "pure" -- the father had wanted Angel specifically because his curse would stop him sleeping with her. Wesley ends up squiring Virginia around town.

2.7. Darla

Lindsey is drawn to Darla as she begins to feel the weight of her soul. We see historical episodes, of Darla being made a vampire, and many of the same scenes Spike described to Buffy , some with a subtly different perspective that gives them a rather different meaning. Wolfram and Hart tell Lindsey that Darla has become a liability, and that the project is being terminated. Lindsey calls Angel, and he goes to rescue her. But this is all part of a ploy by W&H. Angel offers to help Darla through her pain, but she begs him to end her torment by making her a vampire again. He refuses, and she rushes off.

[Angel] 2.8. The Shroud of Rahmon

Wesley and Cordelia are pleased when Angel stops brooding about Darla, and takes on a case to help Gunn's cousin. A gang of thieves are trying to steal a supernatural shroud from a museum vault. Angel disguises himself as a cool vampire to infiltrate the gang and try to stop them. But what no-one knows until too late is that the shroud sends people mad. Kate finds out about the heist, and goes to the museum to stop it. Everyone starts acting strangely, and Angel drinks Kate's blood -- although not enough to kill her. But Wesley and Cordelia worry that he might have regained a taste for human blood.

2.9. The Trial

Darla discovers she is dying -- of the disease that was killing her 400 years ago when she was last human. She begs Angel to save her by making her a vampire again. Angel refuses, and goes to the Host, who tells him how to find a cure. He must undergo three challenges, and no-one has ever survived them all. The last one requires him to sacrifice his own life for Darla -- and she is distraught when he agrees. But it's just the last test -- he has passed them all. But when it is time to save Darla, it can't be done -- because she has already been brought back to life once before. Having witnessed Angel's sacrifices for her, Darla has finally resigned herself to her humanity and death -- when Wolfram and Hart bring in Drusilla, to make her a vampire again.

2.10. Reunion

Angel tries to stake Darla before she rises as a vampire, but Drusilla stops him. Wolfram and Hart encourage Drusilla and Darla to go on a massacre. Angel starts out trying to stop them, but when he discovers they intend to massacre W&H, he deliberately lets them. In fact, he locks the W&H people in with them. [Huh. Would you want to risk that the W&H lawyers might end up as vampires rather than corpses?] The rest are the team are shocked by what Angel has done, but when they remonstrate with him, he fires them all.

2.11. Redefinition

Two Harlan & Wolf lawyers survived the vampires, and are promoted to co-head the Special Projects division. The team continue to fight demons alone, based on Cordelia's visions, while Angel prepares himself for a showdown with Darla and Drusilla. He torches them, but they don't die.

2.12. Blood Money

While investigating Wolfram and Hart, Angel discovers a woman running a homeless shelter is being used as cover for a $2M scam. He helps her out in order to expose H&W. Meanwhile the rest of the crew fight a giant two-headed demon from Cordelia's visions, and are thinking of starting their own agency.

2.13. Happy Anniversary

A lovesick physicist is trying to stop time forever, and the Host needs Angel's help to stop him destroying the world. Meanwhile, Angel Investigations are getting on okay without their namesake. The Host manages to partially reconnect Angel with his good side.

2.14. The Thin Dead Line

The team fight zombie police, and Wesley gets shot. Angel is also after the zombies, and destroys the police captain's hold just in time to, unknowingly, save the rest of the team. When Angel visits Wesley in hospital, Cordelia sends him away.

2.15. Reprise

Angel discovers a demon is visiting Wolfram and Hart for their 75 year review, and gets a ring, to let him confront the firm's senior partners in Hell, but then discovers just where Hell is. Kate is fired from the police force, and attempts suicide. Angel spends the night with Darla.

2.16. Epiphany

After a night of perfect passion with Darla, Angel still has his soul. For him, it was a time of desperation. He starts the climb back up to the light, and rejoin his friends, battling three-eyed demons.

2.17. Disharmony

A new vampire is running a motivational recruitment scheme: "turn two, the rest is food". Harmony comes to stay with Cordelia, who doesn't know she is a vampire. When she is discovered, Harmony says she wants to join the gang, to get some meaning in her life, but ends up betraying them anyway, because she really is just evil.

2.18. Dead End

Cordelia has a disturbing vision of a man stabbing himself in his eye. Lindsey gets a hand transplant, but it keeps writing "kill". Angel and Lindsey meek at the karaoke bar, and the Host tells them they have to work together for a while. They find that Wolfram & Hart are harvesting people for spare parts, and destroy the set-up. Lindsey quits W&H. The visions are beginning to take a toll on Cordelia.

2.19. Belonging

Angel is unimpressed by the director of Cordelia's latest acting job -- a sun-cream commercial. A demon arrives through a portal from another world, and the Host asks the gang's help to kill it. Cordelia has a vision of a librarian reading a strange book. That unleashes another portal, and the Host's warrior-cousin comes through. The gang defeat the demon, and send the injured cousin back, but Cordelia gets sucked through, too.

2.20. Over the Rainbow

Cordelia is enslaved on the Host's home world, were humans are thought fit only to be beasts of burden. She discovers another human slave who has been there a while -- the librarian 'Fred from her previous vision. The Host unwillingly accompanies the rest of the gang basck home to rescue her. Cordelia has a vision, is thought cursed, and put to the question. The crew is captured, and sentenced to death. But their judge turns out to be a strangely elevated Cordelia.

2.21. Through the Looking Glass

The gang discovers there is a prophecy about Cordelia, and that it doesn't end well. They all escape from the castle, except for Cordelia. Angel rescues Fred from being executed, but when he tries to fight off pursuers by putting on his vampire face, his inner demon comes out and takes control, and he attacks Gunn. Fred manages to restore his human side, but he is horrified at what the others will think, saying he can never go back. A group of wild humans capture Wesley and Gunn, accusing them of being collaborators. The bad guys give Cordelia a terrible gift -- the Host's severed head on a platter.

2.22. There's No Place Like Plrtz Glrb
But beheading doesn't kill the Host's species. The half-demon Groosalugg says when he and Cordelia mate, her visions will pass to him -- and she discovers that she does not want the give them up. Wesley and Gunn convince the wild humans they are all on the same side, and lead them in a storming of the palace. Cordelia beheads the high priest. Angel fights the Groosalugg, but it's a draw. Princess Cordelia issues proclamations freeing all the slaves. They all return home triumphantly, only to be met by a grieving Willow...