Babylon 5 : season 5 episodes


5.1. No Compromises -- C4, Sunday 12 April 1998

Babylon 5 adjusts to new commanding officer Captain Elizabeth Lochley. Sheridan is sworn in as President, despite an assassination attempt. A group of non-Psi Corps telepaths are granted asylum.

5.2. The Very Long Night of Londo Mollari -- C4, Sunday 19 April 1998

Londo has a heart attack, and must battle with his conscience to survive. Lennier decides to leave B5 and Delenn, and join the Rangers.

5.3. The Paragon of Animals -- C4, Sunday 26 April 1998

Crises threaten the Interstellar Alliance, as a new race appeals for help against pirates. Sheridan wants to use the telepaths to gather information.

5.4. A View from the Gallery -- C4, Sunday 3 May 1998

An alien attack on Babylon 5 is viewed from the perspective of two maintenance men caught up in the conflict.

5.5. Learning Curve -- C4, Sunday 10 May 1998

A trainee Minbari Ranger must confront his terror when he opposes a powerful criminal on Babylon 5.

5.6. Strange Relations -- C4, Sunday 17 May 1998

Sheridan and Lochley's secret is revealed -- he trusts her because they were once married for a few months. Londo's life is endangered by an assassination attempt, and Delenn persuades G'Kar to become his bodyguard. Talia and Lochley protect the telepaths from Bester, and Lochley protects Bester from Garibaldi.

5.7. Secrets of the Soul -- C4, Sunday 24 May 1998

Franklin discovers a startling secret about an alien race when he starts investigating alien pathologies. Byron tries to keep his band of telepaths from violence. But then he learns from Lyta, in a telepathic flashback to her 'alteration', that the Vorlon created telepaths to defend the galaxy.

5.8. The Day of the Dead -- C4, Sunday 31 May 1998

Rebo and Zooty, a famous comedy duo [played by Penn and Teller] visits the station. A section of it is bought temporarily by a group of aliens for their once-in-200 year religious ceremony The Day of the Dead. And a lot of the crew experience meetings with dead friends (although Lennier meets Mr Morden, who prophecies that he will betray the Rangers).

5.9. In the Kingdom of the Blind -- C4, Sunday 7 June 1998

Byron gives an ultimatum to the Alliance, which unites them for once, against the telepaths -- Sheridan withdraws his support. Unknown forces are attacking and destroying Alliance shipping. Londo travels to Centauri Prime, where he finds his life is in danger (although some strange faction appears to be protecting him), and that the Regent is behaving very strangely.

5.10. The Tragedy of the Telepaths -- C4, Sunday 14 June 1998

Lochley goes to see the besieged Byron, but he's not coming out. And the few loose Telepaths become violent. Lochley calls in Bester. Meanwhile, on Centauri Prime, G'Kar and Londo discover a forgotten Narn prisoner -- Na'Toth -- and rescue her.

5.11. Phoenix Rising -- C4, Sunday 21 June 1998

The loose telepaths take hostages in MedLab, and threaten to kill them. Byron, who we discover is an ex-Psi Cop protegee of Bester, breaks out of his besieged brown level and frees the hostages. They negotiate a settlement with Lochley, but Bester just can't let go, and the crisis comes to an horrific end. Remember Byron . Garibaldi swears a personal vendetta on Bester, who he discovers has ' Asimov ed' him. He also starts drinking again...

5.12. The Ragged Edge -- C4, Sunday 28 June 1998

G'Kar reluctantly becomes a religious icon after his book is published without his knowledge -- some Narn even criticise him for contradicting points in the book! Garibaldi risks his life to recover a pilot who survived one of the mysterious space attacks. All he does recover is a button -- but it is the button from a Centauri Imperial Guard uniform. Mollari is kept in ignorance of this for his own protection, but G'Kar promises to investigate when they return to Centauri Prime. Dr Franklin gets a promotion to head up an Earth Dome research institute.

5.13. The Corps is Mother, the Corps is Father -- C4, Sunday 5 July 1998

A Psi Corps episode, with the opening credits subtly changed. Bester, two trainees in tow, hunts a telepathic killer on B5. We get to see the world from his point of view, and he begins to come across as a much more sympathetic character, truly concerned for his fellow telepaths. But just when you are beginning to wonder if he's been misjudged, a horrifying event occurs right at the end of the episode. (But it's a clever reapplication of SF fans name for non-SF fans.)

5.14. Meditation on the Abyss -- C4, Sunday 12 July 1998

Delenn sends Lennier on a Ranger training vessel patrolling Centauri space, to look for evidence about the shipping attacks. The Drazi ambassador is discovered trying to bug Londo's rooms, and a promoted Vir asserts himself. Garibaldi's drinking is getting worse.

5.15. Darkness Ascending -- C4, Sunday 19 July 1998

Lennier nearly dies in the attempt, but does bring back proof the Centauri are behind the shipping attacks. Garibaldi has a strange dream, and is visited by Edgars' widow, who dislikes his drinking. Lyta offers G'Kar telepath DNA in exchange for ships.

5.16. All My Dreams Torn Asunder -- C4, Sunday 26 July 1998

The Centauris are found guilty; Londo returns to Centauri Prime to find out what's going on, but ends up sharing a cell with G'Kar. Garibaldi is put in charge of coordinating the White Star defence, but drunkenly misses a distress call, and the region is plunged into war.

5.17. Movement of Fire and Shadow -- C4, Sunday 9 August 1998

Sheridan sends Delenn to Minbar to arrange some battle cruiser White Stars; her ship is attacked in hyperspace, and they are left badly damaged, drifting. Vir asks Lyta and Stephen to go to the Drazi homeworld to find out why Centauri bodies are not being returned; they discover captured Shadow technology, and realise the Centauri might not be the attackers after all. Meanwhile the Narn and Drazi decide to attack Centauri Prime, desperately pursued by Sheridan trying to stop them. Londo leaves his cell to meet the Regent, to discover he has turned off the planetary defenses.

5.18. The Fall of Centauri Prime -- C4, Monday 28 December 1998

The Regent dies, Londo becomes emperor, and surrenders. The Centauri rescue Delenn and Lennier from hyperspace. Londo accepts his own neck-creature to stop the Drakh fusion-bombing the planet, and breaks off contact with the Alliance, but not before appointing Vir as Ambassador to B5. Franklin and Sheridan realise that Shadow technology is now in the hands of lots of unfriendly races [heavy-handed reference to the break-up of Soviet Union, and the subsequent dispersal of its nuclear arsenal].

5.19. The Alien Inside -- C4, Tuesday 29 December 1998

G'Kar is even more popular on his return to B5 from Centauri Prime, and finds the cult of personality overwhelming. Garibaldi is suspended for being drunk. Lochley tells him of her own addictions, and sends for Lise Edgars from Mars to help him. Lyta is arrested for funnelling money to anti-Psi Corps terrorists -- her powers are growing so strong she needs to be put in a special cell -- it seems the Vorlon made her the telepath-equivalent of a doomsday weapon. She makes a deal with Garibaldi to plot against the Psi Corps.

5.20. Objects in Motion -- C4, Wednesday 30 December 1998

G'Kar offends a young Narn who wants only to sit at his feet. " You will learn nothing from my feet ". Number One, the ex-leader of Mars Resistance, comes to B5 to warn Garibaldi of an assassin. The assassin is captured, and in the confusion, the offended Narn tries to assassinate G'Kar, but hits Lise. She is badly hurt, but survives, and she and Garibaldi marry. Garibaldi gets Lyta to probe the assassin, and discovers the whole Edgars board hired him. Number One is made the new head of Alliance Security, and digs dirt on the Edgars board for Garibaldi. G'Kar and Lyta leave B5 together to explore the universe [after a good manacle-breaking scene]. Garibaldi and Lise leave for Mars.

5.21. Objects at Rest -- C4, Thursday 31 December 1998

G'Kar passes over his leadership of the Narn to Ta'lon. Franklin leaves B5 for his new job at Earthdome. Sheridan and Delenn leave B5 for the new Alliance HQ on Minbar. On the way there is a coolant leak, and Lennier leaves Sheridan to die. He does go back to help him, but by then Sheridan has escaped on his own. Lennier runs off in shame. Mollari travels to Minbar to leave Sheridan and Delenn a present for their child on his 16th birthday -- a neck-creature.

5.22. Sleeping in Light -- C4, Friday 1 January 1999

It is the end of the 20-year period granted to Sheridan by Galen after he died at Z'Ha'Dum, and he realises he is dying. He gathers his friends together for a last party, including Garibaldi, Franklin and Emperor Vir. President Delenn offers General Ivanova leadership of the Rangers. Sheridan flies off to say goodbye to B5, only to discover it is being decommissioned. He meets Galen one last time.