Babylon 5 : season 2 episodes


[Sheridan] The Babylon project was our last best hope for peace. A self-contained world five miles long, located in neutral territory. A place of commerce and diplomacy for a quarter of a million humans and aliens. A shining beacon in space, all alone in the night.
It was the dawn of the Third Age of Mankind, the year the Great War came upon us all.
This is the story of the last of the Babylon stations.
The year is 2259. The name of the place is Babylon 5.

2.1. Points of Departure

Sheridan assumes command of Babylon 5. A renegade Minbari warship arrives, threatening the lives of everybody on the space station, and threatening a smooth transfer of power.

2.2. Revelations

G'Kar brings news of a terrible new enemy in the galaxy. The arrival of Sheridan's sister opens old wounds for the new commander. Dr. Franklin employs an unorthodox procedure to try to bring Garibaldi out of his coma. Delenn's mysterious change is complete.

2.3. The Geometry of Shadows

Londo seeks political support from the mysterious and powerful technomages who arrive at the station. Ivanova is promoted to Commander, but her first diplomatic assignment is nearly her last.

2.4. A Distant Star

Disaster strikes an old friend of Sheridan, just as he begins to grow comfortable in his role as commander. Dr. Franklin offers nutritional advice to some reluctant patients.

2.5. The Long Dark

When a mysterious cryonic sleeper is awakened, a deadly, evil force is unleashed on the station, and only Amis, a half crazed lurker, seems to have any idea what is happening.

Amis: Dwight Schultz

2.6. Spider in the Web

Talia is caught in a treacherous web of intrigue after she witnesses a murder. She is hunted by a dangerous cyborg who might be connected with a radical Free Mars group.

2.7. Soul Mates

Londo summons his three wives to the station, in order two divorce two of them. But which one will he keep? The young and sexy one, the one who flatters him, or the argumentative one who shows him as much respect as a piece of space garbage? The trio proceed to make everyone's life as miserable as possible. A rogue telepath from Talia's past appears with trouble in mind -- is he just a harmless maverick, or does he intend to use some sinister power to transform Talia?

2.8. A Race Through Dark Places

Bester requests that Talia investigate an "underground railroad" that is shuttling unregistered telepaths through Babylon 5.

2.9. The Coming of the Shadows

When the elderly Centauri Emperor Turhan visits the station, Sheridan tries to keep G'Kar from attacking him. Londo and Refa plot to increase their power, and Londo initiates war with the Narn. A man with a surprising message seeks out Garibaldi.

2.10. Gropos

Dr. Franklin's father, General Richard Franklin, arrives, leading 25,000 "gropos" (Ground Pounding infantry Soldiers) on the station. The troops' arrival elicits fear from both humans and non-humans that the troops may be going on a secret and very dangerous mission.

General Richard Franklin: Paul Winfield

2.11. All Alone in the Night

Sheridan is kidnapped and taken to an alien ship, where he is tortured and subjected to a series of experiments, during which he befriends a Narn captive, Ta'lon. Meanwhile, the Grey Council summons Delenn to explain her transformation. General Hague makes an unofficial visit to the station.

General Hague: Robert Foxworth

2.12. Acts of Sacrifice

G'Kar asks Sheridan for military intervention in the Narn's war with the Centauri. But he finds his attempts undermined by a young Narn eager to launch an offensive against the station's Centauri occupants. Can G'Kar exert his authority before Babylon 5 becomes a war zone? Meanwhile, to further her diplomatic training, Ivanova must institute an ambassadorship with a visiting alien.

2.13. Hunter, Prey

A fugitive with information about wrongdoing in the Earth government flees to Babylon 5. Sheridan and the others are called on to help.

Max: Richard Moll

2.14. There all the Honor Lies

Sheridan finds himself entangled in a murder case. Ivanova and Londo protest when Earth Force tries to open a souvenir shop specializing in Babylon 5-themed hats, T-shirts and dolls.

2.15. And Now for a Word

ISN, the Inter-Space Network, does a 36-hour special on Babylon 5. While covering the station, a hard-hitting ISN reporter quickly finds herself in the middle of a deadly feud between Mollari and G'Kar that threatens the lives of everyone on the station.

2.16. In the Shadow of Z'Ha'Dum

When he discovers that Morden was on the same ship as his wife, Sheridan detains and interrogates the mysterious man. Delenn and Kosh have some startling news for Sheridan, and the station is inundated by Narn refugees.

2.17. Knives

While investigating a strange murder, Sheridan is infected with an ethereal alien parasite, causing him to be plagued by terrible visions. Dr. Franklin races against time to find a cure. Londo is reunited with an old friend in need of his political influence.

2.18. Confessions and Lamentations

A lethal Markab disease threatens to wipe out the entire race and perhaps everyone on the station, unless Franklin and a Markab scientist can find a cure.

2.19. The Long Twilight Struggle

Sheridan and Delenn are summoned to visit the keeper of the planet around which the station orbits. In a bold move, the Centauri and Shadowmen simultaneously destroy the Narn fleet and invade the Narn homeworld. Rioting breaks out on the station. Eventually the Narn republic is crushed. Londo relieved G'Kar of his duties as Ambassador.

2.20. Divided Loyalties

Lyta Alexander, renegade telepath, returns to Babylon 5 with startling news: one of the station's senior personnel is a Psi-Corps spy. During the investigation, Ivanova must come to terms with the reason for her fear and hatred of telepaths.

2.21. The Long, Twilight Struggle

The Centauri bomb the Narn homeworld "back to the stone age". Delenn gives Sheridan command of B5's rangers.

2.22. Comes the Inquisitor

Kosh arranges a test of loyalty for Delenn and Sheridan that turns into a trial-by-fire at the hands of a mysterious foreign gentleman.

2.23. The Fall of Night

Sheridan uses his power and influence to help save the last surviving Narn cruiser from the Centauri. Centauri radicals protest by trying to kill Sheridan; Kosh leaves his encounter suit to save him.