2016 / in-flight

SF elements: #sentient_animals


Animals are now sentient, having thrown off their beastly past, and previous predators and prey live in harmony, if not entirely without prejudice. Some of this prejudice shows up when rabbit Judy Hopps wants to joint eh police force, previously the domain of big tough buffalo, tigers, and so on. How she succeeds, joining forces with Nick Wilde, a cynical civilian fox, is your standard “underdog rookie makes good” police procedural.


The relatively thin plot has a somewhat heavy-handed anti-prejudice moral tale, but this is nicely is leavened with the marvellous wit of all the little background details – how all those animals, from elephants to shrews, actually live together, how human stereotypes are translated onto animals, and how our human stereotypes of animals, police, and politicians are realised. Check out Mr Big, the sloth admins, the lemming businessmen, and pop singer Gazelle with her tiger boy dance team!

Quality mind candy.

Rating: 4

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reviewed 9 June 2019