The Incredibles

2004 / TV

SF elements



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When Bob Parr, Mr Incredible, married Helen, Elastogirl, they were two of the top revered superhero crimefighters. But after a public backlash, all the superheroes were relocated, and required to live "normal" lives. Fifteen years later, they are living in suburbia with their rebellious superhero children. Bob is frustrated at not being able to save people, and is lured back into an undercover mission. Naturally, this is not all it seems, and soon the whole family are in the superhero business, saving the world from a new super-villain.

This is ... incredible. It is a very funny, very clever, very sympathetic spoof of the superhero genre. From its TV documentary interviews about secret identities, via its superhero costume design including the reason for the lack of capes, to its super-villain base, it is highly inventive. The plot keeps moving along, and it is "family oriented" without being cloying or sentimental. Great fun.

Rating: 2

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reviewed 29 May 2005