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Christopher G. Langton, Charles E. Taylor, J. Doyne Farmer, Steen Rasmussen, eds.
Artificial Life II: proceedings of the workshop on the Synthesis and Simulation of Living Systems, Santa Fe, 1990.
Addison Wesley. 1992

(read but not reviewed)

The papers are gathered under the following headings: • Overview • Origin/Self-Organization • Evolutionary Dynamics • Development • Learning and Evolution • Computation • Philosophy/Emergence • The Future


Thomas S. Ray. An Approach to the Synthesis of Life. 1992
A description of his virtual Tierra environment, for studying artificial open-ended evolution
Christopher G. Langton. Introduction to Artificial Life II. 1992
Charles E. Taylor. "Fleshing Out" Artificial Life II. 1992
Christopher G. Langton. Life at the Edge of Chaos. 1992
Richard J. Bagley, J. Doyne Farmer. Spontaneous Emergence of a Metabolism. 1992
Richard J. Bagley, J. Doyne Farmer, Walter Fontana. Evolution of a Metabolism. 1992
Walter Fontana. Algorithmic Chemistry. 1992
Steen Rasmussen, Carsten Knudsen, Rasmus Feldberg. Dynamics of Programmable Matter. 1992
Maarten Boerlijst, Paulien Hogeweg. Self-Structuring and Selection: Spiral Waves as a Substrate for Prebiotic Evolution. 1992
Peter Schuster. Complex Optimization in an Artificial RNA World. 1992
Kristian Lindgren. Evolutionary Phenomena in Simple Dynamics. 1992
W. Daniel Hillis. Co-Evolving Parasites Improve Simulated Evolution as an Optimization Procedure. 1990
Stuart A. Kauffman, Sonke Johnson. Co-Evolution to the Edge of Chaos: Coupled Fitness Landscapes, Poised States, and Co-Evolutionary Avalanches. 1992
David G. Stork, Bernie Jackson, Scott Walker. "Non-Optimality" via Pre-Adaptation in Simple Neural Systems. 1992
Mark A. Bedau, Norman H. Packard. Measurement of Evolutionary Activity, Teleology, and Life. 1992
Martin J. de Boer, F. David Fracchia, Przemyslaw Prusinkiewicz. Analysis and Simulation of the Development of Cellular Layers. 1992
David H. Ackley, Michael L. Littman. Interactions Between Learning and Evolution. 1992
Richard K. Belew, John McInerney, Nicol N. Schraudolph. Evolving Networks: Using the Genetic Algorithm with Connectionist Learning. 1992
David R. Jefferson, Robert J. Collins, Claus Cooper, Michael G. Dyer, Margot Flowers, Richard Korf, Charles E. Taylor, Alan Wang. Evolution as a Theme in Artificial Life: The Genesys/Tracker System. 1992
Robert J. Collins, David R. Jefferson. AntFarm: Towards Simulated Evolution. 1992
John R. Koza. Genetic Evolution and Co-Evolution of Computer Programs. 1992
Bruce J. MacLennan. Synthetic Ethology: An Approach to the Study of Communication. 1992
Gregory M. Werner, Michael G. Dyer. Evolution of Communication in Artificial Organisms. 1992
Edwin Hutchins, Brian Hazlehurst. Learning in the Cultural Process. 1992
Alvy Ray Smith. Simple Nontrivial Self-Reproducing Machines. 1992
Eugene H. Spafford. Computer Viruses--A Form of Artificial Life?. 1992
Elliott Sober. Learning from Functionalism--Prospects for Strong Artificial Life. 1992
Steen Rasmussen. Aspects of Information, Life, Reality, and Physics. 1992
Peter Cariani. Emergence and Artificial Life. 1992
Louis Bec. Elements d'Epistemologie Fabulatoire. 1992
[in French]
J. Doyne Farmer, Alletta d'A. Belin. Artificial Life: The Coming Evolution. 1992