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William Allin Storrer.
The Architecture of Frank Lloyd Wright: a complete catalogue: 4th edn.
University of Chicago Press. 2017

From sprawling houses to compact bungalows and from world-famous museums to a still-working gas station, Frank Lloyd Wright’s designs can be found across the country. Every one of his structures is in this definitive guide, the only complete catalog of Wright’s work.

Thanks to the efforts of William Allin Storrer, one of the preeminent Wright historians, and his colleagues at the Rediscovering Wright Project, thirty-seven new sites have recently been identified as the work of Wright and added to this new edition. With more photos, updated and expanded entries, and a new essay on the evolution of Wright’s unparalleled architectural style, this new edition is the most comprehensive catalog available.

Organized chronologically, the catalog includes full-color photos, location information, and historical and architectural background for all of Wright’s extant structures in the United States and abroad, as well as entries for works that have been demolished over the years. This edition features a new key that indicates whether a site is open to the public, making it easy for Wright fans to experience these incredible structures for themselves.