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Susan M. Shwartz, ed.
Hecate's Cauldron.

(read but not reviewed)


Seasons of the Witch. 1982
Jessica Amanda Salmonson. The Harmonious Battle. 1983
Jacqueline Lichtenberg. Science is Magic Spelled Backwards. 1982
Galad Elflandsson. An Act of Faith. 1982
Jean Lorrah. Witch Fulfillment. 1982
Charles R. Saunders. Ishigbi. 1982
Katherine Kurtz. Bethane. 1982
Diana L. Paxson. The Riddle of Hekaite. 1982
Jayge Carr. Reunion. 1982
Jane Yolen. Boris Chernevsky's Hands. 1982
Tanith Lee. Mirage and Magia. 1982
C. J. Cherryh. Willow. 1982
Andre Norton. Moon Mirror. 1982
Diana Wynne Jones. The Sage of Theare. 1982
Thasper is foretold to end the rule of the gods with his questioning. The bizarre panoply of gods are none too pleased with this prophecy, so send Thasper to a different world in order to prevent it coming to pass. But Chrestomanci rescues him and sends him home, seven years out of time. Even the gods cannot cheat their fate.

Andre Norton, Susan M. Shwartz.
Empire of the Eagle.

[historical fantasy set in Rome and China]

Susan M. Shwartz.
Second Chances.
Tor. 2001